Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kristen: Cloth "hiding" bags

If you recall, dear reader, that adorable little blue/red and white fabric that I used for gift bags. Let me just post another lovely picture:

These little things are incredibly easy to create. Yet I've been a beginner seamstress before, and I understand the need for more concrete direction, and possibly pictures. They are so useful, so essential to the reenactor's toolkit, that I must post a quick tutorial!

Cloth "hiding" bags
1. Cut 2 squares of fabric. The size doesn't really matter, just as long as they are identical. I trimmed my edges with pinking shears to cut down on fray. Pin the sides together, with the pattern you want on the outsides on the inside.
 2. Sew around three of the edges, leaving a fourth open. This is the mouth of your bag.
 3. From the inside, roll in fabric to create a "tunnel." Roll the raw edge under into this tunnel, and pin down. It does not have to be too big, but just enough room to thread a ribbon through it.
 4. Sew down the edge that you rolled under.
 5. Poke a little hole on the inside-large enough for a safety pin!
 6. Thread your ribbon with a safety pin.
 7. Pull the safety pin through the tunnel you created. If you have trouble with this part, you might have to pull the pin through from the opposite direction. Tie off...
 8. And voila! A little cloth bag.

I made 20 of these for the baby shower...I had a system created where it would only take about 3 minutes each on the sewing machine! These would make an amazing gift for a reenactor, as we always seem to need them...

Here's a quick list of things you can put in them: car keys, cell phone, drinks of any kind, sewing supplies, money, napkins, snacks, writing supplies, cameras, children...pretty much anything! I try to bring at least a few to each event, even when I day trip (bags, not children).

So if you are looking for a quick car trip project, or a gift for anyone, here you go. I will be putting this little red one up in my etsy shop soon too, in case you are too busy to make one yourself (no judgement here...I probably should have done the dishes today...)

Until next time!



  1. Are those cockades on the table or are they intended for a belt? Do you sell these?

    1. Our friend Stephanie makes and sells them, though Im not sure she has a store online yet.


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