Friday, November 1, 2013

Kristen: Civil War Housewife Research and Tutorial

Hello again dear reader!

In the midst of baby shower planning, I have found time to give you a brief tutorial on these little Civil War housewives, as well as a bit of research. Would these not make the perfect Christmas/Birthday gift? I won't include the descriptions, but I will say they are usually made with leftover scrap fabrics...

Godey's 1864
Godey's 1862

I also know that Ann Worden Bauersmith has an entire book dedicated to such delicious endeavors, and that can be found here. I would strongly suggest buying it; I will hopefully receive it for Christmas!

In the meantime if you want to make a quick needlebook, here's my little tutorial. There are other how-to's on the web, I know! I'm of the mind that if it only takes one picture/instruction to help one person, then this was useful!

1. Cut out 2 long pieces rounded on one end. I used 2 contrasting fabrics.
 2. Cut two little squares for pockets. I also cut rounded white fabric to store needles.
 3. Hem those little squares to finish the edges. I used a hidden stitch.
 4. Tack those down to the inside fabric, sewing the bottom of the pocket. Add that needle fabric at the top (simple stitch). At this point you can also add some sort of layer between the outside/inside, but it's not necessary.
 5. Next, bind the edges with either self fabric or be lazy like me and buy cotton twill tape. I promise not to judge you either way...
 6. The inside should look like this, unless you did something wrong. Feel good about yourself if you did it right.
 7. Add a little of that tape to the outside to make a tie. Voila! Finished!

The whole process only takes a few hours or less! I will have this one available in my etsy shop in a few days, so if you are intimidated by the tutorial but still want one, you can have it!

I feel another sewing project coming on...


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