Tuesday, November 26, 2019

100+ More Awesome-er Gift Ideas 2019

The time is once upon us again...I have already started my holiday shopping adventures. This may or may not include tackling someone for a pair of leggings my sister must have this year! Just kidding, I buy everything online and stay in to watch historical movies on Black Friday. But at least I click aggressively...

I like to support small businesses especially, since they work hard to ensure reenactors and other history lovers like myself can continue to geek out in our favorite hobbies.

These are separated by price. I totally understand if your budget is tight this year, or if you're look for small gifts for friends. Prices do not include shipping, as those can vary based on the entire order.

*Note: This list includes different time periods, and does not necessarily reflect progressive or period accurate items (ahem-please don't use the Jane Austen mug for Regency reenacting!). Also, the selection of the items from shops does not mean every item in that shop is appropriate for reenacting in your time period. Take care to do your research before making a purchase!

**Note: As this is my fourth year doing my "Gift Idea" list, you'll notice a few things. I often return to some of the same sellers because they are handmade or use ethical practices in their business. Let's support those that make reenacting possible! I'm also making an effort to include different groups, ones that are not often represented in living history.

***Note: There are other items in these shops. Please click on the links and check out other things they may have to offer! Sometimes there are more color/size/variations available.

****Note: To my family members actually trying to shop for me from this list...you can't go wrong with any of it, though you might want to call me first :)

*****Note: If you're a shop that I usually include and you don't see something on here, feel free to comment below and I'll add an item. I'm losing track from year to year of who I'm including where!

$10 and under
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