Sunday, March 4, 2018

My thoughts on education

So I just spent three amazing days full of learning, relaxing, (too much) shopping, and fun. I left early to ensure a safe home arrival as Michigan can be a harsh mistress. As I drove, I received the news about The Civilian Symposium at Gettysburg, and nearly stopped my car in the middle of the turnpike (bad idea).

I am very annoyed that I left early. A bit of chaos in my mind, as I am still a baby in all this. A thirty year old baby with a big event to plan, but near infant compared to the experienced veterans of the reenacting community. Change scares me still.

Let me address here and now my great opinion, my modus operandi, the spokes of the wheel that keep my life turning perpetually. I'm all serious now, if you've not guessed. I do that on occasion.

Education is that great movement, the spirit that keeps moving us forward. We need it to sustain us, to illuminate the darkness of ignorance with a single fact. As a high school teacher, I spend nearly every day trying to engage teenagers in thoughtful learning. Sometimes it's harder than nailing Jello to a wall.

But then it happens. A spark of interest, fingers skimming the pages of an interesting book.

I've felt that at The Civilian Symposium more times than I can count. I'm incredibly sad to see it change. It feels a bit like a friend moving away.

It's a reminder that we should cherish our opportunities to learn and grow! To inspire ourselves and others and rise together as a community of learners. I am incredibly grateful for the two years I was able to attend. I didn't just learn beadwork or drink whiskey or look at textiles. No, I learned to function with new ideas, formulate thoughts with the proper language, see history from a different perspective.

So friends...

Make the eight hour drive

Take the workshop

Donate to the organization

Sponsor a scholarship

Volunteer your time

Support youth in their historical endeavors

Research that difficult topic

Share your learning 

Say goodbye and be thankful

And before I get too mopey, there is still a class schedule available, so that friend will come to visit and enrich our lives as before. I'm looking into that Berlin Woolwork class(click here to learn more).

So consider this a special thank you to all those who have worked to make the Symposium possible, even the people that put out the cookies. Because food is probably the second more important thing in my life...


I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.  
~Eartha Kitt

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