Thursday, August 31, 2017

Port Sanilac 2017

That was a rough week. A really rough one. We finally lost our little Rambo, my best furry pal since my college years. We were absolute bros. I actually have a blog post dedicated to pets in the works. But that will take a bit more time than I'm willing to spend here. And emotional energy, to be honest. He died the day before my (favorite ever!) Port Sanilac event setup, and it was incredibly difficult.

I wasn't going to go. I really wasn't. But then I realized it would be just as hard to be without him at home. So I set off, albeit a bit later, to the event. It was the best decision I could have made for myself!

To be honest, living history was not my ultimate thought during the event. I was still in a bit raw with emotion. And yet I was surrounded by a loving group of people who took me under their wing. I was given a place to lay my head, stuffed full of delicious food, and hugged at the appropriate times. Little children climbed all over me. An adorable puppy licked my hand. My fellow reenactors created this silly scenario with all of us as a high school class at "Shiloh High," complete with class photos.

Sometimes we forget that these events are more than just shows for the public. They are more than playing dress up, or set up, or battle. For me, Port Sanilac was balm to an achy wound. The pictures say it all! (Photos by Meg)

Port Sanilac is always one of my favorite events! This year, it was almost therapy!


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