Friday, May 31, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Village Day 2

On the second day we visited with my family and Dom's parents. I walked EVERYWHERE, the entire village and the museum. I chose two stops in particular that are supposedly "haunted" and on their Halloween tour. The Steinmetz cabin is tiny, and hardly worth notice. I've been told that the night security at Greenfield Village doesn't like checking this house because a tiny old man with a crooked back hobbles into the cabin when they get close. Steinmetz was a famous mathematician who also had dwarfism. Creepy coincidence? I don't think I caught any ghosties...

Next we checked out the Sarah Jordan boarding house. It was one of the first buildings ever to have electricity. It was used for unmarried employees who were working for Edison's laboratory, run by the widowed Sarah Jordan and her daughter Ida. Not very creepy, except for the fact that some employees of the village will see lights on at night...even though they had been turned off. Sounds ghostly to me!

There was also a special exhibit showing clothing from the Civil War and a little earlier. It's my favorite way to update my wardrobe; observe an original and voila! I also had the opportunity to meet Carolann Schmitt, one my reenacting idols. She even pulled out a piece of clothing for me to touch! (She runs the exhibit, after all!) One thing I've noticed is that they were much tinier back then. I would have been gigantic compared to these dainty ladies...

We had a chance to stop by the museum, and this is the first time I've seen the hair jewelry collection! They also added the chair that Lincoln was shot in, as well as George Washington's traveling bed. We got quite a few nice pictures of the two of us, and I must say that the black dress looks nice on me!

My black mourning outfit did not go unnoticed. I was asked to participate in the Greenfield Village fashion show! I've watched the past few years and have always wanted to participate. Beth Turza does not excellent job. I felt very accomplished indeed!

After a small nap, we found our way into the pie. We smuggled in some not-period-accurate whipped cream. It was absolutely scrumptious!

Finally, we prepared for the ball. By this point I was so exhausted and my hair was a hot mess. So I did the one thing that any self respecting female reenactor would do when she's two tired to do her hair...I asked Mrs. Giorlando to do it! It was excellent!


The ball itself was lovely, as usual. This year I did not have a ball gown because I focused on finishing the mourning dress. Dom was surprised by the elegance of the ballroom, and we did participate in the flower dance. Overall it was a lovely experience.

We finished the night sitting around the fire with our fellow reenactors. I'm not sure this is possible, but this year was already better than the previous! Perhaps Dom's attendance made a difference, though I did feel that I participated more.

Just wait until my next post! This Greenfield Village story just gets better and better...


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Village Day 1

There is no way to sum up the awesomeness that transpired over those four days. I am completely exhausted, but I will try!

First, Dom (boyfriend) and I rushed to get everything packed at the last second and to get in line to wait outside the gates. We found a nice shady spot, set up, and proceeded to go out to dinner.

Mexican food!

When we returned, we found the gates locked! I panicked and called Ken Giorlando, our civilian coordinator and dear friend. He calmed my fears and guided us to the proper after hours entrance. By the time we returned to camp, we were ready for bed. A little bit of time around the campfire and we coconneed ourselves like little butterflies, as the temperature had dropped to 37 degrees. We woke up to ice on the ground, a deflated air mattress, and our first day!

You jerk. I trusted you.

We dressed, with Dom looking dapper and myself in a pretty blue floral dress. I've not posted much about its construction, but it was comfortable. I spent the day squiring around family, and not taking any pictures!

It was this dress!
Credit Ken Giorlando

In any case, you'll notice that the next two posts will be much more detailed with many more pictures.

Ken took this one too!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 4

Exhaustion can't sum up how I feel right now. After all the cleaning, cooking, packing, and planning, I can honestly say that I am ready for Greenfield Village.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 3

Tried to get more done today...and failed somewhat miserably. Wednesday is not my best day to accomplish anything.

With my newly cleaned car I was able to start packing. I always put down the carpets/rugs first because they take up the least room that way. It felt a little better to at least have started on the packing.

My vanity mirror needed to be fixed too. It's perfect at reenactments, since mirrors are rather hard to come by. The little frame came unglued, and I had my hot glue gun handy. Perhaps the easiest thing I did all day.

Next I was able to press all of the wrinkled clothing. A new iron makes all the difference!

I also mixed 3 loaves of bread and set them to rise until tomorrow. We have a pot luck planned, plus I'd like to have a little extra.



My room isn't completely clean, but it's close enough where I can find my supplies. I am much too tired to keep writing. More later...

Becky: Greenfield Village Prep Day 2

Before I pass out from such a rainy day, I though Id update you on our crazy week.

School is not helping me tonight. I need this night, in particular to prep for GFV and Im stressing over the limited time I have. Its no wonder I have a cold.

I have a few sneak peaks on my sheer dress that I made presentable, but not finished to my liking.
Progress a month ago

Yesterday, day 2, I made hand sewn eyelets for the bodice. I prefer making these from now on. I had trouble with placing the hook and eyes earlier, I think I was too use to hook and eye tape that I forgot how to "manually" place hooks and eyes. 

I had this hideous gap between the waist piping and the gauged skirt. Not only did the hand sewn eyelets make the bodice lay nicer, it fixed the gap in between. 

Well, as my boyfriend likes to say, I like to tease. Here is my tease to you! The final project will be shown at Greenfield Village, Memorial day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 2

I woke up today completely tired. After reading my list from yesterday, I see why! There's still plenty to do, and with sewing group tonight I had less time to work on preparing for the actual setup. Luckily I plan this stuff in advance! Here's the work I did today...

First I stopped by Target to get a queen sized mattress as well as an iron (though I didn't do any ironing today). It's always a good idea to test these things before the event, and it seems that we only had a hand pump available. It was a useless good cardio activity.

No holes. Check!

Next I moved on to my car. Let's just say that I can be a teensy weensy little itty bit messy sometimes. Over time this stuff just seems to add up. Since every inch of my car is used to pack stuff, I need every crevice emptied. Hence the cleaning.



Sigh. I am a highly motivated and intelligent individual, but I can't seem to keep things cleaned and organized. A byproduct of my creativity? Wait until you see tomorrow's cleaning post...Anyways, I started packing the kitchenware. I use these foam sleeves to pack the dishes into my wooden box so they won't break. I'm trying to pack light!

I took this idea from Sue Lamkin 

I'll eventually fill the spaces with rags/dishclothes

At sewing group today I learned how to do the cuff and the piping on the waist of the bodice. I also purchased another parasol to recover from the lovely Glenna Jo. So many projects, so little time! I had an extra minute today to stop at the antique store as well. Just a little reward to myself for working so hard!

These are actually a very light, subtle blue

Here is my to do list for tomorrow:
1. Clean out bedroom
2. Go grocery shopping
3. Iron 3 articles of clothing
4. Mix bread to rise
5. Finish washing the blankets
6. Start packing the car


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