Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wolcott Mill 2015

I'm running a bit behind on my blog posts-I blame the copious amounts of activities I tend to participate in at this time of year, modern or otherwise. One of my favorites, perhaps the most stocked with delicious food, was Wolcott Mill. *All photos unless otherwise noted are by Ken Giorlando

Wolcott is our last outdoor Hurrah! of the year. Of course there are other events in the winter, but this is truly the only one that captures the essence of autumn. The 21st Michigan and other units participate in a harvest feast, with more food than this girl can comfortably eat. But I try anyways! So many dumplings, gravies, jellies, cakes...the smell of it all cooking nearly drove us mad. At night we lit lanterns and continued the feast. Afterwards we danced! How can a day be so deliciously perfect?

Photo by Larissa Fleishman

But this time is for more than just food. I love visiting friends! Wolcott Mill shows signs of autumn beautifully, with the crunchy orange leaves adding to that ambiance. Jillian, Meg and I took a walk in the woods at one point, reveling in the changing season. *These photos are by Meg McNamee

 Wolcott Mill is another reminder of how special my fellow reenactors are. Whether it's sharing a place setting or helping press cider, the reenactors here help out. Harvest time means laughter, friends, and fun. Those are things I would miss if I set up my shop, so this event is strictly for visiting. I am truly lucky for the people here in Michigan, as they make reenacting a wonderful experience!

And I pinky swear promise to have a new blog post up soon...about Washington DC!


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