Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Citizen's Forum of the 1860s 2019

Yay! The Citizen's Forum of the 1860s successfully convened another conference! YAAAAY!
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This year it was like starting from square one.  A new space, new hotel, new everything. There were a million awesome things that happened, and a million possibilities of things to come. Starting from scratch is both terrifying and exhilarating, as it can open doors. (I generally avoid doors. They can be scary. Hence my penchant for climbing through windows).

But in all seriousness, this year was quite different. The museum and accompanying village isn't particularly set up for conferences, not like Monroe Community College. We certainly learned a lot about spacing, time, and room setup. Everyone was so flexible and kind. There have been a lot of notes for next year, and everyone had an awesome time hanging out, learning, and just generally enjoying history.

You may notice that there are not many pictures. A lot of these are MY pictures, and I ran myself ragged throughout the weekend. Like, feet burning, arms aching at the end of the day. Pictures were unfortunately at the bottom of my priority list!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Donna Burrows, who donated a large batch of her amazingly designed cookies. Also Brigitte, who did a ton of helping/preparing for the soiree, and Mary, whose meringues were enjoyed by all :) 

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In another blog post I'll discuss more specifically what we did right, what we need to improve, and the theme we're presenting. As of now I'm still slightly recovering (and visiting my new nephew, and preparing for Greenfield Village, and winding up for the end of the school year). It is a busy web we weave indeed!


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