Wednesday, October 11, 2017

An Odd Family Reunion

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of running a 5k with my family.

Recently I took a wonderful opportunity to improve my health with physical activity.

On Sunday I supported a worthy cause financially and physically.

My Dad forced me to run a 5k and it hurt a whole bunch because it was in a quarry.

Me running a race in the 95 degree weather and finding myself amidst pain and trials and tribulations is not the moral of this story. As a matter of fact, my only lesson was to never do something so foolish again. Though I might add that they're already planning next year, with my parents already volunteering us for this torture. *Sigh

Yet something very odd did happen over that weekend. I met some cousins, on my Dad's side of the family, that he was able to "convince" to run the 5k with us. Cousins that I had not seen since I was a little girl (apparently someone accidentally threw me into the air into a metal beam that last time...). We spent a friendly night sharing stories and marveling how my Dad's 1st cousin shared so many Mrozek family traits with him.

When we started talking about my reenacting (inevitable really, when I talk about myself), we came to the conclusion that, not only did they live near Port Sanilac, THEY HAD ATTENDED THE CIVIL WAR REENACTMENT MANY TIMES. You know, the one that I have not missed in about 6 years. We wondered if we had possibly run into each other at that time. Not that we would remember, as we see so many people as reenactors. We laughed and drank copious amounts of water, as I imagine we were dehydrated at that time.

Later she confirmed our suspicions with a picture:

That's me! With Jackie Schubert! Under Carolyn's tent! Probably gossiping about something or talking about food! Here my cousin took a picture, and had no idea she was capturing her family.

So dear reenacting friends, let this be a reminder to you. Our world is VERY small. I recently met some long lost cousins (who will now let me use their shower that weekend...) who already had pictures of me. A stone thrown at a reenactment in California could be a boulder crushed in Maine.

Reenacting changes lives.

And that is all for my odd family reunion


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