Friday, May 29, 2020

Punch Paper: The Art of Sentimentality

The token of sentimentality is meant to be one of friendship, love. But that doesn't mean we have to be limited by certain language or just make a bookmark!

The cool thing about antique perforated paper projects is that there is so much of the stuff to look at. I'd like to see people do more of these at events, or at least see them as gifts. Here's some pieces I found online (many with links broken from ebay) that may inspire you to try punch paper. At the very least, they're pretty :)

Victorian punched paper craft bookmark 005 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A pledge of my  affection... on this needlepoint bookmark with heart. Late 1800s...
Charming Victorian Needle Case/Love Token
Antique Vintage 19th century Victorian Ladies by chemindesmuguets, $35.00Small Punch Paper Cross-stitch Bookmark - Friendship c1850s - 1860s. A 5 1/4" x 1" silk ribbon bookmark with applied 3 5/8" x 1" punch or perforated paper sampler with Friendship cross-stitched at center. There are 22 punch holes per row per inch. Pencil mark on perforated paper.
Vintage Remembrance Bookmark Cross-Stitch on by EphemeraFan
$50 starting bid. Bidding starts to close Thu, Feb 28, 2019 6:00 PM EST. Register now to bid in NHADA Auction: Americana & Folk Art.


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Current Mood

Quarantine has been a funny time in this household. The days seem to mesh together in one long, uninterrupted Saturday. I am currently teaching online, and even that will end soon with the start of "summer vacation." There's long stretches of work with longer stretches of...nothing.

Typically at this time of year I'm sprinting to prepare for Greenfield Village. My students would be working on final exams, and we'd be planning our summer travel schedule. Everything has come to a full stop and it's bewildering to say the least.

On the one hand, I have this wonderful time to work and grow. I've taken online classes, interacted electronically, and read more books than I have in years. I participated in Costume On, and online conference, and have seen people fall in love with punch paper just as I have over the past few years. There's no price tag on this type of peace. My fiance and I are very lucky we're still paid for our jobs, so there is no financial impact on us. The pets are REALLY happy with quarantine.

On the other hand, going to the grocery store makes me nervous. My fiance's job makes me nervous. The thought of returning to school in fall makes me nervous, especially if our pay is cut. I hate that I can't see my family or just walk around a craft store. I've had to completely reconfigure my everyday routine. Extroverts like me need our social interactions!

There are days when I am productive beyond belief. The whole apartment is clean, schoolwork done, book read, meals cooked, and a crafting project diligently worked on my lap. These days do happen, and it makes me feel like I've got this down. I feel like I can quarantine forever when I'm in this mode.

Then there are days when I don't change from pajamas. Answering emails is a struggle. I just want to fiddle with a game on my phone and be left alone. Sometimes I'll catch wind of a higher death count from one day to the next and wonder if my fiance will live through this pandemic. People working in hospitals are getting sick, with at least a few young ones dying already. Those days are the absolute worst. I am impossibly angry at people who put others' lives in danger.

Based on what I've read of other people, this has been normal for some. There's nothing to look forward to, no gatherings or festivals on the horizon, no meetings of friends in front of the reenacting cook fire. Our entire way of life has been turned upside down, like it or not. The switch in emotions, the fear. The anxiety. Juggling different needs just to move from one day to the next.

My life is the feather
Frank Leslie's Monthly 1860

I want this to be over, but I want everyone to be safe. I look forward to the day I can go hug my Mom or bother Glenna Jo and Bill for an hour. My reenacting family. All of it. I've no idea what this world will look like when it's all said and done. Different, to be sure. Quarantine has certainly been an interesting time. 

Stay Safe, Friends!


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Punch Paper: A Monthly Challenge

The first meeting of the great punch paper minds was a success! We discussed originals, reproductions, and the like. I enjoyed the company, as well as the ideas. If you're interested in joining my new punch paper group, click on the link below:

Here's a wonderful thing that's risen from the meeting: A monthly project! Just something small, practically a trifle. The requirements will be loose because I want everyone to jump in feet first without limitations. You can do reproductions of originals, modern interpretations, or do something wacky, so long as you use the medium of punch paper.

It's a crazy time out there right now. I've been feeling isolated and distant from my favorite history people. I know others feel the same, so I like that we have the opportunity to give each other a gift. To show one another that we care with a bookmark or stamp case. There's a thousand ways to make someone smile with this stuff. I'm pumped! I have a few originals in my collection that I'm excited to replicate.

No photo description available.

Take care everyone, and I look forward to seeing what you create!


Thursday, May 7, 2020

Costume On Weekend #1

Whew! What a rush! This past weekend was my first opportunity to participate in an online conference. Let me just say, it was awesome! Chantal is an excellent organizer, and that's coming from me. A fellow organizer. Her backup plans to her backup plans had backup plans. I was quite impressed by how the whole thing went.

I taught classes on both 19th century jewelry, as well as punch paper. While I do love my jewelry (and have a ton of research to share), it's a large topic with a ton of information. Sometimes I feel like there's more than I can ever talk about! When I talk about punch paper, you practically hear me gush! I had the chance to show off my originals, my finished projects, and my ideas for the future. It was amazing to share my love of this craft with other, equally enthralled people.
It was so wonderful to share the classes with so many people. There is actually a second weekend coming up, so if you missed it the first time around, here's your chance! They're offering more classes too! Click here to register. I will be teaching this class again, along with a shorter seminar about how to navigate online resources. There will be a lounge area for hanging out too! I've already set aside my whole weekend just for this.

Also, since I had a surge of interest in punch paper, I restarted my facebook group. There's 100+ people in there, and I've started my first giveaway. Click here if you want to join the FB page. I'm excited to share the things that get me all pumped about punch paper. The antiques. The ideas. The projects. The fun of it all! It's so funny that we can all connect when we are so far away.

Stay well, my friends!


On My Bookshelf: December

December has been a really rough month. Between what happened in Oxford (not far from where I live...) and just the general pandemic issues,...