Thursday, May 7, 2020

Costume On Weekend #1

Whew! What a rush! This past weekend was my first opportunity to participate in an online conference. Let me just say, it was awesome! Chantal is an excellent organizer, and that's coming from me. A fellow organizer. Her backup plans to her backup plans had backup plans. I was quite impressed by how the whole thing went.

I taught classes on both 19th century jewelry, as well as punch paper. While I do love my jewelry (and have a ton of research to share), it's a large topic with a ton of information. Sometimes I feel like there's more than I can ever talk about! When I talk about punch paper, you practically hear me gush! I had the chance to show off my originals, my finished projects, and my ideas for the future. It was amazing to share my love of this craft with other, equally enthralled people.
It was so wonderful to share the classes with so many people. There is actually a second weekend coming up, so if you missed it the first time around, here's your chance! They're offering more classes too! Click here to register. I will be teaching this class again, along with a shorter seminar about how to navigate online resources. There will be a lounge area for hanging out too! I've already set aside my whole weekend just for this.

Also, since I had a surge of interest in punch paper, I restarted my facebook group. There's 100+ people in there, and I've started my first giveaway. Click here if you want to join the FB page. I'm excited to share the things that get me all pumped about punch paper. The antiques. The ideas. The projects. The fun of it all! It's so funny that we can all connect when we are so far away.

Stay well, my friends!


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