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In case you were wondering where we got our fabric/supplies. If you have anything to add, please let me know!

Our personal online stores are here:

Historical prints on cotton from 1775-1930!
Located in Lansing, MI she has great quality of everything! I've fallen in love with everything at her store!
Nice spot for that 100% silk taffeta.
Free shipping on order over $35. Also, I once left some fabric in my shopping cart for a few days, and they sent me *another* coupon!
Check out the 20% off new customer discount.
I have yet to try them, but they have gotten good reviews from other reenactors.
It can be hit or miss with them, but the sheer I ordered turned out nice!

These are perfect for young children from newborn to young teens!

Lace and fabric!
They have a supply of cotton lace. Beautiful!
Lace, ribbon, and trim. I need it!
Fabric and other laces.
100% silk satin ribbon!


Camping Supplies
They have a decent amount of camping supplies and their tent fly is pretty solid. I am not sure about all the clothing-more research by me is needed!
They have random pieces that could prove very useful. Research!
The tents and books seem the best. Do not purchase the ***rainbow colored*** snood.

All the fun games/toys for the children. I would recommend this site, especially if you have children. Also they have many books and parlor games that I want to try!
Ohioan, and great friend to the locals here in MI. She has GREAT shawls!

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