Friday, September 14, 2018

Teacher, Student, Whatever

It's been awhile since I've dusted off the keyboard for my blog! Lately I've been hammering away at my book (which will hopefully be available this winter), as well as toiling away with a strict training regime. For my new puppy...
My little future therapy dog in training...

I also have a ton of books to add to my summer reading challenge. Of course I read the books already, sometimes more than one a week, but I didn't write anything down. I let myself enjoy the summer without setting deadlines. 

One cool thing I DO want to show off is this video about my kids at school doing beadwork.

I feel so awkward about being on television. My face looks funny, my voice ridiculous. I take comfort in the fact that beadwork is awesome, and twice a month kids meet in my room to eat and hang out. During the school year, my entire front table is covered with beads, projects, and papers for ideas about projects. It will be clean May?

So I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things, and will hopefully have more blog posts this fall. If not, imagine that I'm instead spending my time whisking a puppy outside so he doesn't have an accident. Probably that!


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