Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A Fascinator Workshop

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take another workshop at the Governor Warner Mansion, this time with Derby Hats by Rachelle. While it's been ages since I've needed a fascinator for a tea event, it's best to be prepared. It was good practice in color combination and design and I spent most of the time situating material in every which direction. I'm particularly fond of the blue, gold, and brown color scheme right now. I'm thinking this will be part of an autumn ensemble.

Now let's see if I can keep it safe from the cats!


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Kura: Michigan's Only Revolving Sushi Bar

The state of Michigan can FINALLY boast its own revolving sushi bar! I visited one in California years ago and absolutely loved the experience. If you've never eaten at a revolving sushi bar, it's basically a restaurant with a conveyor belt that runs through the whole thing with food on it. You simply grab a plate, eat, and drop it in the slot. The machine adds up plates and that is your bill! Kura also featured a prize machine, and after some plates, I got a prize!

It was a little pricey, but definitely worth the experience. I adore sushi, as well as cute anime characters. I don't even know where I'm going to put my prize pin yet, but now I kind of want to collect them all. Since we ate such a colossal amount of sushi, I'm not sure when we'll go back. I might need a break for a few weeks. If you ever get an opportunity to eat at a revolving sushi bar, I 10/10 recommend it!


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Another Sailing Adventure

Summer sailing! This time we sailed up in Caseville, in the watery thumb of Michigan! It was a pretty chilly weekend even with the wetsuits. As much as you prepare yourself for the cold, nothing really can when you're on the water for four hours getting water everywhere. Catamarans are made for windy, splashy days, not a chilly, overcast race.

I've gotten much stronger, even stronger than last year when I sailed. I was worried that I wouldn't have the endurance to do more than an hour of sailing, but I was able to do it all. Of course the Pure Barre workouts and walking may have helped with that! Regardless, we placed 5th in one of the races, which I am satisfied with considering last year I was so nervous. I'm definitely getting the hang of things, going out on windier days, and learning all of the correct terms. I'm almost a proper sailor!

It's odd that a chunk of summer is already gone. I've yet to really relax into a summer schedule. I have a few trips planned in August, so maybe by then I'll get to feel vacation. I hope you're staying safe and enjoying the sun! Hopefully I can sail again before we start school in the fall.


Monday, July 19, 2021

Governor Warner Mansion Fashion Show

 With summer activities in full swing, I find myself pulled in every direction all the time! Between the sailing and the organizing and the crafting and the family visiting...there really hasn't been enough hours in the day to even think. But even with everything, I will always have time for some pretty dresses!

And of course, there's time to put on a cute dress and earrings...

Remember that coaster quilting workshop I took a few weeks back? The Governor Warner Mansion is now opening, and since it is not far from my house, I have the ability to attend all of their events. This particular fashion show was organized by friend Katherine Stefl, who is an incredibly talented seamstress and event coordinator. Beth Turza gave the descriptions about each ensemble, and it was delightful to see my jewelry on most of the models! Despite the rain, she planned a wonderful event, complete with every delicious little fashion morsel you can think of. I did my best with pictures, but I'm not a top photographer!

There was a wonderful part of this fashion show that I want to mention; the readers recognized and discussed the context of the cloth itself, and how people were exploited in order to make these fashions possible. From enslaved people to factory workers in terrible conditions, these words offered a distinct reminder: if we are to look at fashion, we must look at the whole picture, not just the pretty frills. I was very proud of Katherine and Beth for acknowledging this during the presentation.

I'm planning to do volunteer work with their organization. They have a bunch of interesting events planned, and I'll have opportunities to wear my historic clothing. In fact, there's a lovely little fascinator-making class that I plan on taking soon. This summer is certainly turning out to be busy, but exciting!


Thursday, July 1, 2021

A Quick Trip to Greenfield

Now that we live a little closer to Greenfield Village, we decided to throw down for a yearly membership. Typically I would have the experience of "living" there for four days during the Civil War event, but it turns out that I don't get to spend much time hanging out and exploring. With many events still canceled, this was my time to go look around!

It's fun to start noticing details when visiting. You start to notice little things, like designs and wallpaper, and the color of thread sitting out on a table. I'm particularly fond of the food options as well; Eagle Tavern has only recently opened, but A Taste of History is open, with some DELICIOUS pickled vegetables (side note: I still haven't gotten all of my taste back, but I can really taste pickled things). We've already gone enough to pay for our membership several times over.

So enjoy my observations of little details at Greenfield Village. They're inspiring me to do a few projects or at least drool from afar...


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