Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kristen: A Civil War Baby Shower

Finally! Becky's baby shower! I started planning all the way back in August, coming up with little ideas to make it perfect. I know that baby showers weren't a "thing" during the Civil War. And yet dressing in our wrappers for an afternoon of food and discussion is our "thing." How could I not throw this party? It was utterly perfect! And a group of finely dressed ladies attended the event, as evidenced by this fine likeness taken...

I've had months to prepare, and I've thought on this topic for awhile. I made 5 of the lovely little sewing baskets, as well quotes/pictures from Godey's and ribbon flowers. The baskets didn't take very long to make, though they were much adored by everyone! The decor matched the environment; I had rented an 19th century school house for the shower, just for more accuracy!

The food was delicious! I made sweet potato and turkey sausage stew, along with my own bread and baked butternut squash. Apple pie, pickled beets, fresh apples, and ginger snaps completed the festive fall scene. I'm not known particularly for my cooking (unless I burn things), but I had many ladies ask for the recipes...

After eating I led the ladies through a quick game. Yet it had to be distinctly 19th century. What better than a "pass the envelope" game using an article from Godey's Ladies' Book? As I read certain words, the lady had to either pass the envelope to the right, the left, or across the table. By the end, they opened the envelopes, and it identified which sewing basket they had won! Everyone also received a lovely striped cloth prize bag, the contents of which I will explain in a later post...

Finally, the gifts! I wrote down names for Becky as she opened presents, and helped move them to another table (the baby is now getting in the way!). She received lovely gifts, some modern and a few for reenacting. Many were handmade by talented hands, crocheted and stitched with care. 

 I asked the ladies to write notes to Becky too, and this will be included in a surprise for her later! Throughout the whole party, Becky seemed to be glowing! It was a lovely occasion which brought together so many friends on a mild November day. We couldn't help but be a little silly too! We posed in funny directions, even playing a little "game" that judges the gender of the child based on the swing of a needle. Could it be true? It predicted she was having a girl, and that I would have both eventually. So silly!

Perhaps the greatest surprise came at the end-Becky asked me to be the child's godmother! I am so excited to have a little godchild running around, and am already scheming to spoil him/her rotten...By the end of the shower, I was exhausted in every way imaginable! I probably slept for 12 hours straight, but it was all worth the time and attention. We have such a fine group of reenactors here in Michigan, all together to celebrate the birth of a child. It simply does not get better than this!

Just imagine, in no time the little one will be reading this post.
Hello little one! We've been waiting for you!


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