Monday, November 18, 2013

Regency Exhibition Ball 2014- Becky

Its that time again! Although we are looking towards the short-term future of snow and ice... and maybe hot coco with peppermint sticks, spring is right around the corner! This is the time to put on soundtracks of Pride and Prejudice (2005), Jane Eyre (2011), and Marie Antoinette (2006) and sew like a mad man!

First event of the "season" is really not part of a group event. None the less, the Regency Exhibition Ball has been growing and growing! I feel the need to let you all know it's coming up! You better get started on that short stay that has been half finished for a while now!!

 The 2014 Regency Exhibition Ball.

The ball committee extends an invitation to you and your party to join them for 
the 8th annual Regency Exhibition Ball. It is to be held on Saturday, March 22, 2014,
 at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Lansing, Michigan. 
The doors open to our guests at 6:30 with the dancing to commence at 7 pm until 10 pm.

Dance instruction will be provided by Mr. Glen Morningstar. 
Music will be by The Old Michigan Ruff Water String Band. 
Refreshments will be catered "Sweet Confections". 

Tickets will go on sale beginning December 1, 2013 until February 28, 2014 at $25. 
Student (ages 10-18) tickets are $20 each.
For ticket sales go to
The price for all tickets will go up March 1 - March 15 to $35 each. 
No tickets sales at the door

Period attire for 1790-1828 is highly appropriate. 
We look forward to seeing you at the Ball.

 Most Kind regards, The Regency Exhibition Ball Committee, 
Mr. and Mrs. James Lynch, Miss Deborah Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lynch.

Buy the tickets and all your Regency needs HERE!

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