Monday, December 7, 2020

A (Tired) History Lover's Gift List: Give Your Support!

I'm working on week six of my COVID recovery, and it's been rough. I've had more bad days than good, meaning that every ounce of energy I have goes into teaching my students and making my online classroom as awesome as possible. Typically I do a huge gift list post, but I was sick/recovering/busy catching up with work and didn't have the emotional energy to make it happen. I'm not even sure if I'll have enough energy to take pictures and sell my own jewelry this year. It is what it is, I suppose.

In lieu of actually buying items, I'm going to recommend that we support makers directly this year, specifically through Patreon. What is Patreon? It's a site that allows you to support a person or group with a one-time donation or monthly donation. Often creators will make content or rewards specifically for their supporters. 

Here is my list so far. I've linked their names to their Patreon accounts, as well as the greeting from their site. If you have more, please send them to me! Also, I have been in the process of putting mine together. It's new, without a lot of content, but it's making progress :)

Not Your Momma's History

Cheyney McKnight

"Welcome! I'm a Historical Interpreter and Living Historian. I have interpreted stories of enslavement in 26 states, 87 schools, and over 45 sites. My goal is to tell the story of enslavement throughout America in schools, museums, and historical sites using my specialized programs, lectures, costuming, touch objects, hearth cooking, and interpretation. Representation of accurate portrayals of Africans in America on 18th and 19th-century sites is an important step in creating and maintaining a well-rounded narrative.

Patreon is a monthly membership that has the potential to fund all that I do. I want to go to schools and historical sites that cannot afford to pay for my travel or fee, I need to maintain and replace my historical clothing, I want to increase the production value of my YouTube videos so that I can connect with wider audiences, I hope to continue learning through conferences and workshops, and I need overhead (keep the lights on and the sewing machine running). I hope to do all this with the patronage of those who support my work?

There are many different levels of patronage from $1 to $500 a month, and as a thank you for your patronage I offer rewards at each tier.

If you are unable to become a Patreon at this point remember that support comes in many different ways. My youngest supporters send me their art, but most of those who follow my work support me by just sending an encouraging message or email. It has taken a village to get me this far, and it was done through hundreds of small acts of kindness. Thank you for all the support you all have given me throughout my career."

The Sewphisticate

Anneliese Meck

Hello, welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Anneliese, and I am a seamstress, weaver, and living historian, who creates art and educational content to share with both online and in-person audiences.

My passions are for history and its clothing – the research, recreation, and wearing of historical clothing, ever since high school, has guided and continues to be integral to my personal and career goals. Pursuing these interests led me to my current work as a historical interpreter and interpretation office assistant at a large, 19th-Century living history museum; as well as a college degree in both costume construction and textiles (expected graduation: Fall 2020). Moving forward, I am eager to apply all that I’ve studied and practiced over the past few years as an aspiring, full-time professional in the museum field. I am dedicated to an accurate, diverse, and inclusive interpretation and representation of history, honoring both my Chinese and American heritage through living history.

Your support on Patreon will directly help me to continue creating historical clothing and textiles, conduct original research, develop educational programs, and new outreach through lectures, workshops, and future publications. Goals for the current year include: launching a professional website to better reach potential audiences; preparing for upcoming presentations on Asian American history and personal experience as one of (and occasionally the only) diverse member at a living history event; and continuing to create fun content for four platforms. (Find past and in-progress projects on the Blog, Facebook, Instgram, and here on Patreon.)

Your continued support makes all the difference and keeps me sewing - thank you for visiting and considering becoming a Patreon!

Latina Living History

Katie Lovely

I've been involved with historical reenactment and living history for over a decade and my passion is to create a welcoming, inclusive community for those who find the past as fascinating as I do. I'm exploring my mixed heritage through creating moments of connection with the past, be it translating recipes my Mexican ancestors may have cooked, or riding sidesaddle in a real reproduction riding habit from the 1800s. It's a deeply personal journey for me, and I'd love to share it with you!

A Milliner's Whimsy

Anna Worden Baursmith

After much prodding, I finally started a Patreon account. I truly do appreciate all the love and support from my clients, readers, and followers over the years. For those who don't know me, I am a straw milliner who recreates millinery from different eras in history. I do this by hand using a needle and thread. I shape my pieces with antique millinery blocks and blocks I make myself. I am also the author of Fanciful Utility, From Field to Fashion, To Net or Not to Net, and Paisley, Plaid & Purled. I am currently working on additional publications.

Welcome to the Civil War Digital Digest Patreon page. If you’re visiting us here, you probably have seen some of our videos. In case you haven’t, we make high quality videos about the American Civil War experience, currently displayed on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, and our website. These videos cover a range of topics from “how to” to in depth looks at original items to biographies of the lesser-known heroes of the conflict. We aim to entertain and educate armchair generals, teachers, and living historians alike. Episodes are posted every other Wednesday.

As with any quality endeavor there are regular expenses. In the case of video production, funds will immediately support purchase of more storage space for content as well as helping us travel further and commit more time to research and shoot a wider range of episode topics. Rest assured the work of CWDD will continue - can you help us out? We like the Patreon model as it allows you to support something that is already happening.

We ask for your support as a monthly patron. We chose not to do the “per episode” option here because sometimes a subject is large enough that we will upload two videos at once.
Please look at the giving levels with catchy names here. If the content we are providing is worth your financial support, check out the extras you will receive when you do. Our Patreon feed will also get to view extra videos that have been shot specifically for Patrons. Some of those will have extra history content – some will be bloopers from our shoots.

Thank you for supporting the CWDD and considering becoming a patron! We are amazed at the kind words we’ve received from so many people. 

Becca has read all of Jane Austen's work, several times over. Molly literally doesn't know who Mrs. Bennet is. Join us as we journey through the canon, starting with Pride and Prejudice. We can guarantee there will be a lot of "What does that word even mean?" and "Mr. Bing--Bennet--Bingley?" If you like Jane Austen, this is the podcast for you. If you, like Molly, have never heard of Mansfield Park or Emma, this is also the podcast for you. Read along with us and see why the classics are classics by bringing them into a modern context.

Become a patron and receive exclusive, patron-only content like Molly's notes, audio that didn't make the cut, and more! When you become a patron, you will help us upgrade our recording equipment, pay our team, bring guests on the show, and produce overall better content.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or email us at We want to hear from you (but please keep our social media spoiler-free for Molly)! Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Hi gang, welcome to the Brian Howard Patreon! If you're here then you probably saw me perform as myself, or as Broon at a theater or festival somewhere in the world. By being a supporter you are helping to keep my comedy voice out there in the world, making laughter and thought happen.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon! My primary goal in creating this site is to continue to disseminate information, educate our people and publish books in the digital arena. In order to continue this progression, I’m relying on your assistance to support and invest in these projects so they can advance to the next level. My focus is not only to benefit us presently, but also the future generations to come.

I appreciate any and all support whether it's a donation or just clicking on one of my videos.

This Patreon account is designed to entertain you. So far I have conducted SEVERAL interviews with notable individuals such as Supermodel Kara Young, R&B Singer Claudette Ortiz, Actress Terri Vaughn, Plus Size Fashion Model Chastity Garner Valentine, R&B Legend Adina Howard, Prizefighter Boxer Andre Dirrell, Warrior Scholar "Redpill", Dance/House Music Legend Cece Peniston, and Reality TV Star & Author Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Upcoming superstar woman boxer Raquel Miller, Rising Rap Star Jazz Anderson, NFL Legend Thomas Q Jones, Celebrity publicist Alvita Alston, MMA Superstar "Muhammed Lawal", Voodoo Vixen & TV Reality Star Judi Jae, TV Actress Kim Hawthorne, Superstar from the r&b group "Xscape" Kandi Burruss, & More interviews are coming, exclusive only to this channel.

In my spare time, I like to write poems, read, write books and spread vital information.I spend a significant amount of time on Instagram connecting with my 110,000 online community and when I’m not gramming, I enjoy studying ancient history and traveling to the carribeans to embrace our culture.

Have a safe holiday season! I'll be writing more blog posts soon!


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