Friday, April 12, 2013

Pay No Attention to the 3 Women Behind the Curtain!

I dont have to tell you that it has been sometime that any of us has posted. Just look at the post dates!

But the silence is defiantly a sign!

A sign that we have been working and working really hard!

Every Tuesday, Kris, Carrie and I have been meeting at my step-mom's house to sew.

On the behalf of Kris, she can expand on her work if she would like, Ive taken the liberty to tell you all of our projects. Kris has finished her mourning dress and has almost completed her white with blue flower dress! I am now helping her with a mourning bonnet. She has bought some fabulous black crepe to finish the bonnet off!

I have been helping Carrie with her signature dress:
This was her first dress ever!

It needs a little help.
She really likes green.

Its her best dress.
Ive only guided Carrie in her process, but she is the one really fixing her dress. Luckily she had extra fabric. We were able to make a new bodice. With fitting by myself, she has beautiful darts that fit her nicely. Carrie is now working on piping. She didnt know how much piping she needed! Ill have her working on making sleeves, then focus on the front later. Ill ask her if she wants hook and eye with faux buttons or buttons with button holes like her last bodice.

As for me, Ive been helping with everyone else, my flounces are in slower process than any of the other girls. But I LOVE helping my dear friends! I still have a WHOLE month to work on it. Im not concerned really. My list has grown tremendously from the last time Ive posted a list. I have a friends bonnet to make, finish my bonnet, Boyfriends: trousers, shirt, vest, and coat. Ive picked up another friends petticoat, as well as my old list for myself: yellow sheer, 1770, and a garage sale Im having this month! lol My list GROWS!

As for now Kris, Carrie and I will continue our circus of projects until our next post! 

Happy sewing!

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