Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Becky: Greenfield Village, Dearborn MI Opening Day

This was such a fun day! A whole group, of about 15 friends, showed up to the Grand Opening to Greenfield Village in Dearborn. The morning was cold and nippy, we were all intensely watching the weather report, but the day turned out perfect!
Ken Giorlando, Lynn Anderson, and I
Our first stop, as usual, was Firestone Farm where another friend, Larissa, works! In the morning, the girls were making "supper" or lunch. Larissa was cutting pork, but was having a real tough time with the dull knife.

Larissa and her coworker making supper
As we traveled out to the barn to great any newborns and new employees, we heard from the window of the house, "Hey you hooligans! Get off my lawn!" It turned out to be Larissa yelling at us from the window!
She opened the window to yell "Get off my lawn!"
Our leisure walk directed us to the Eagle Tavern. I think our stomachs led us there more than anything else.

Even more friends showed up just while we were ordering food. What perfect timing! Here are the ones who dressed up in period clothing to start the year off right.
The food was fabulous and very yummy!

Ken Girolando and Chris King Dye settiling their stomachs.
After the awesome meal and mingling we did at the tavern, we traveled to the other farm: Dagget Farm. Here I found this amazing woodpile. we were informed the design of piling wood like a beehive, allowed air to make a whirlwind effect inside to keep the wood dry in any weather.
Fierce firewood pile 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you can visit Greenfield Village too!
*Photo credits go to Lynn Anderson and Ken Girolando


  1. That's not far from me. I'd like to visit sometime.

  2. I want to go to Greenfield Village so badly! Everything looks so interesting! Maybe this spring.


    1. Oh, and I forgot to ask, what is your foundation under your dress as far as hoops/petticoats? It's such a lovely rounded shape. :)



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