Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kristen: Fashion Plate Collection

Time for my second post, and oh it is a treat! Now you may view my completely unnecessary but still beautiful collection of fashion plates that cover my walls. I've had a chance to take them down for a dusting recently, though the lighting does not do them justice. Just as with the dolls, they sort have become a part of the fabric of my life.

 I do adore the ruffles, and how she shows off her dainty toe

Look at the hair!

Now I realize both of these plates are a little pre-Civil War. However, the oddest thing happened when I first saw them. The sly looks, the almost impish behavior. I couldn't help but think...about my sister Alyssa and I! From that point on, I could detect the hint of a smile, even conversation topics. I started to buy more...
 Me: Oh Alyssa, I do adore flowers!
Alyssa: I need more ruffles on dress. Seven is not enough...

 Me: Alyssa, what were you doing?
Alyssa: You're not the boss of me!

Me: Seriously. We. Are. At. A. Ball.
Alyssa: I ate the whole dessert tray.

Yes, I realize that I am slightly crazy for imagining conversations with my sister. Or am I? When we were kids, we had our own television show that we created, called the "Kristen and Alyssa Show," complete with song and dance. We went everywhere together. Even now, she still calls me to ask for what she wants at restaurants (Alyssa, bookmark this page. You want the Cheese Olga Sandwich. Ask for sauce on the side, because you don't like too much). This (mostly) dependent relationship was creative and fulfilling, even when we viciously fought tooth and nail. These fashion plates somehow bring all of that back. So I kept shopping, and found my favorite of them all:

Pictured: Trouble

Dearest Alyssa, have you heard the news? The war is over! Just think of all of those men, coming home to live again! I am so happy to see father again. There are so many that suffered, there was so much pain. Our nation must heal! I am so proud of the both of us for supporting our dear soldiers...sister...would you like to read this letter?

Is that a cupcake?  Do those exist yet? *sigh*

This is my favorite plate for other reasons as well. The dresses seem to be what we would wear, and her parasol is cocked ever so slightly. It's funny how my (over)active imagination can create these little stories with nothing but a picture. One day I might write a book about us...maybe time traveling? She'd totally be into a book like that.

Speaking of my sister, here are some awesome sister pictures. We would have been hellions in the 19th century...



***As a side note, I actually have more siblings. They will be popping up in here soon enough...


  1. Tear :'( This is beautiful. Best blogpost in the history of blogs.

  2. I know right???? I think the one about Lauren will include little devils dancing around or something like that...

  3. Hahaha! That was amazing! The cupcake part made me laugh out loud. :) Gotta love sisters. And fashion plates. ;) How big is the average fashion plate? I always imagined them to be quite small.




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