Monday, April 1, 2013

Kristen: Doll Collection

Alright, I admit that the title is a bit off. It just so happens that this week I am on spring break at work! I am so excited, but I am also anticipating a little boredom. I am not the type of person to sit around and do nothing for any amount of time.

My most recent Essay: The Female Hysteria Whilst Publishing
(photo credit: Ken Giorlando)

In the meantime I have decided to produce for you, my dear audience, a sneak peek into the madness of my collections. Every day for the five days I will not attend work, I shall produce an account of my treasures. Not all of them are from the 19th century, though few of them are newer than the 1920's. For my first post, I shall show you my recent (sad) addiction to dolls.

First Stop on the Crazy Train: Antique Dolls

I never thought that I would ever really collect these. They never seemed particularly pretty to me, though I'd seen them before in photos and in antique shops. When I was a kid I suppose I collected barbies and beanie babies, but never porcelain dolls. It all started during a routine look through , which happens to be one of my favorite research sites. There is a thread about dolls, and a small, girly voice inside of me said click here. Once I started, I could not stop! Here are the dolls that I have collected, that now adorn my (ever smaller) room.

 Look at those cheeks!

This lovely is my first doll. As you can tell in the first picture, she has this long, flowing white dress. I suppose it was knitted with love by someone, since it is very well-fitting. She has a few chips here and there, but I knew when I saw her that she wanted to be mine! I've dated her as mid to late 19th century, though I am no expert. I love her eyes!

I imagine her to be the most proper of the group, for some (crazytown) reason

I found doll #2 at an antique store right down the street from my house. ( They are a wonderful shop, and I recommend them highly! Anyway, she caught my eye immediately on the shelf in a fairly nice booth. I love her dress, and she is in decent condition. She is very similar to the first doll, though with less damage. I yanked gently pulled her off the shelf and kept walking around the impressive store. Before I moved on I noticed another doll next to her...

I have come to love her best!

This is where it starts to get weird. Pretty doll #3 was on the shelf right next to the other, but she had a broken foot. I also didn't like her dress at all, so I left her there. All around the nearby booths, I kept looking at my new doll, all excited. For some reason, she looked a little sad. I know that is completely irrational, because her face is made of porcelain, but she looked really upset. I heard another small voice: I want my friend. Seriously, we should be concerned that I hear voices; we should be more concerned that I listen! I walked out with both in hand, and they joined my first doll on my shelf. Now that broken foot is more of a quirk that I have come to admire.

 Those are shy braids behind her ears!

I found my most recent lovely on an antique store shelf surrounded by gaudy jewelry. Honestly, I felt so bad for her because she was pretty, and that ugly jewelry was probably making her sad. My intention that day was not to buy another doll because I already had a trio (think The Supremes). Why did I need another doll? She didn't even look at all like the others! But I knew I couldn't leave her behind. Now I have four dolls (think Little Women) that bless my home. How lucky am I to have them all! Of course I will be in the business of touching them up a bit here and there, and adding a new wardrobe...

I apologize for their immodesty. Bad girls!

I hope you enjoyed my first Collections post! This will not be the last time you see these lovely ladies, as I will be making them comfortable in their new home. I have wardrobes already planned, possibly coordinated (do I just need to have kids or what??) Thanks for reading!


***Editor's Note: I will have children after I am married and settled down in a quiet spot. I'd like to finish my master's and doctorate by then as well!


  1. What lovely dolls! Do they have names?


  2. Hi Kristen,
    Thankyou so much for your recent visit and comment. It's so nice to meet you! Your dolls and doll clothing are so pretty. I have a few porcelain dolls myself and have a post on them, I believe it is called "The Victorian Dolls" if you want to look at it. Have a great week!



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