Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Get the Middle Victorian Look: Training Your Eye- Becky

In response to Veronica's original comment: What is your foundation under your dress as far as hoop/ petticoats? It's such a lovely shape. :)

I LOVE this question! I never thought of some stranger would walk up to me and play with my skirts, figuring out how they were supported, but I really have had some people foundling me before! For this reason, I have started showing off "whats underneath" at the Greenfield Village's fashion show.

There is no doubt of my thoughts on wearing historical underpinnings. And to give you a little TMI, I wear absolutely NO modern clothing while I wear my historical clothing. If you dont understand, you soon will.

I know how becoming a reenactor you just want to jump right in! You want a fancy ball gown and all this fun lacey stuff! And no doubt wearing all of that IS fun! But to save YOU time and money, first we must train our eyes and be realistic.

We must study and recognize the different shapes each era creates. I have laid out three distinguished fashion plates within 50 years a part. Like todays world,  you would not want to be wearing your grandmothers clothing (unless your reenacting 1940-1950's lol).

Here we can clearly see a change in the 30 years between each fashion plate. It is not only the dresses that are bold, but the silhouettes make the boldest statement. One could NOT wear a dress without its proper support.

Take time to exercise your mind and see the slowly, but surely, transition from one era to the next. I find it fascinating that one small change from year to year eventually makes a large change between 15+ years later! 


  1. The hair styles from the '30's were quite...different, weren't they? Not how I would do my hair, but each to their own! :) Great post! I wonder sometimes how museum curators will dress mannequins to represent the average person in 2013. Hopefully not Snuggies and Crocs! :)


    1. Oh that IS something to think about, but I think with more of the written word and better quality photos, I dont think they would have a trouble making the mannequins look good.



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