Friday, April 5, 2013

Kristen: Hair Jewelry Collection

Finally, my last post of the week! All of this writing was starting to get a little overwhelming!

Recently I have been able to study hair jewelry from a variety of sources, from how-to books to actual examples. It is my goal to be able to make simple pieces by the end of this summer. That being said, I needed a few to study!

I find most of my collection on ebay. Often a piece is broken or frayed, and it brings down the cost. To me, it just makes the hair all the more special! (Also, I feel bad for the hair like it's a person and it needs a good home)

These first two pieces I found online. I was so excited! The hair looked so nicely preserved! I then talked to Glenna Joe Cristen, and discovered that it actually wasn't hair I was looking was a silk background! While I was a little sad I did not collect real hair, they are very pretty.

This little locket is confirmed hair. It's a little snippet, as if someone took it just as a reminder. Often a lock would be cut before a soldier went off to war. Is this all that remains of the love of a dedicated couple from years past??? Now comes out my morbid side...

While this bracelet is unfinished, it provides me with a useful image of the process of hairwork. As much as I read primary sources, nothing quite matches an actual piece. Also, it's kind of scratchy like straw and totally doesn't feel like hair.

And finally my favorite piece of hair jewelry! I found this one online again, and somehow won it on ebay for a very low price. While I am sad about the fraying, the detail is quite amazing. There are three different types of hair braids looped together. It bears the initials "O.M.M" Who was OMM? A devoted husband? A soldier who never returned? It's funny how sometimes I find more questions than answers when studying actual hairwork.

Also, it smells like...nice. It smells like it was kept next to flowers, which is kind of creepy.

Thus ends my week long Collections Posts. I like the idea of doing this on my school spring break when I actually have time. This means I have to collect more for next year too! *Sigh* This really does turn into an obsession...


ps-Don't worry, I will be posting next week on schedule too!


  1. Hi Kristen,
    I love hair art pieces too. I have a little shadow box with the hair wreath in it and a hair watch fob. Love your pieces, glad you got them for a good deal and that you felt sorry enough for them to buy them when they weren't perfect, after all, who is? :-)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my goodness a hair wreath! Those are priceless! My goal will be to one day be able to make one for my family, but that day is far off for now. It's such a lost art form that needs to be revived!


  2. Kris -
    I enjoyed your "collections" posts this week.
    We are very lucky to have such a lover of history such as yourself in the 21st Michigan!

    1. I know! And wouldn't that lover of history be pretty with a bright yellow bonnet?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading! I'm glad others appreciate history as much as I do!


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