Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kristen: Photograph Collection

I say photograph loosely, since I have tintypes, cdvs, and photos. They're everywhere, dripping off of corkboards and leaning precariously on objects (that are already leaning on other objects). Essentially, I have started collecting old photographs since before I can remember. They're inexpensive too; I found a $1 bin at an antique store, and found so many lovelies!

And sometimes I am that lovely! Forgive my modesty...
Photo Credit: Ken Giorlando

When looking through piles of photographs, I try to find pictures of people that I wouldn't mind being around. It's silly; I'll never meet them or know their names, but I have their pictures and make up stories about them!

 Here are the real stars of my crazytown show!

Let me preface the following ramblings with this statement: yes, I know I am a little bit crazy, so calling me that would be redundant! 

 I detect a hint of a smile

When it comes to faces, this one always gets me. She seems so upright, with her glasses, necklace, and lacy white dress. Actually, I have discovered in our (imagined) conversations, she longs for so much more. An academic at heart, she always has a book in her hand. The family bookworm!

I'm pretty sure that's a cat on her head

Here is a sadness, so deep and serious that it cannot withdraw for a moment, even for a special picture. She grapples with mortality, and doesn't quite understand how she can keep going. I know she's not in mourning, but she appears to be mourning something. A lost love? A dearly departed? A dearly departed lost love? In any case, I can witness her grief from time to time.

The baby face!
When I came across this little girl, she was hidden, dusty in an antique dealer's overpacked shelf. The gold and leatherwork are frayed, but her face is pretty clear. She looks so calm and well-behaved. Ha! I bet she wouldn't sit still in the least. Her cheeks look very full, too full. Personally, I think she has a bit of sweets in her mouth, and that was the only way to get her to pose. I also think she grew up to be quite a hellion, giving her parents a run for their money.
Another smile?
I am dating this tintype as a little before the war because of her sleeves. There is a bit of pink on her cheeks added later too. what is her story? She does seem very proper, but I can't help but think she doesn't like the posing and sitting still. I just picture this woman in motion!
Finally, one of my favorites even though is much later. The picture is *very* clear, and I just can't get enough of that big bow on the back of her head! I also see the hint of a smile. I imagine that she was considered "high-spirited" as well!

I have many more pictures than this; I've displayed some of my favorites from my collection. I have a few photos that I take to reenactments and "pretend" they're my family! Yet another example of a past that I am attached to. It's a wonder I make to work or school with all of my outside historical hobby going on!

Thanks for reading, and tomorrow is the last day of my collections posts!


  1. I love old pictures! I like trying to imagine who they were and what their everyday lives were like. Did this little boy grow up to be a farmer or did he go to law school? Or did he get pneumonia and die when he was 10? Did he have a dog? That sort of thing. :)

    One question. What are cdvs?


  2. I know! I feel rather crazy when I make up these stories, but it's comforting to know that others do the same thing!

    CDV stands for carte de visite, a type of small photograph that is mounted on thicker paper. They're so easy to find at antique stores!




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