Saturday, April 6, 2013

Becky: Undies All Around!

After getting the fabric in the mail, I decided to make the shift. In a few hours I had a shift made. I used the Regency Underpinnings from Sense and Sensibility.

Shifts did not change greatly between the years and I find it comforting that I could use a garment for more than one era.

My shift (and Chemises) are made out of 100% cotton, but in colonial/regency America, shifts were primarily linen.
My freshly pressed shift...and my toes!
So I was about to work on my other projects when My boyfriend came up to me and said he wanted to join! Well no, that didnt happen. I actually told him that my family's rule was only visitors in garb are allowed to visit under the fly on event weekends. I kinda told him he had to wear something to see me this summer. *Snicker*

So I began, with the extra fabric, to make him undies too! My guy is a big boy but he loves BIG too! Unfortunately his measurements exceed all of my patterns. Humph! Well, Ill make the clothes anyways. He can always grown into them.

Boyfriends drawers.

Im excited to bring him along! And not to mention, making his outfit!

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  1. How exciting! Glad you could 'convince' him. :)




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