Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Improve Your Campsite Part 3- Becky

Here is the last part of the notes I took at Mrs. Roots presentation. I think all of the suggested are great. I hope you will take some advise in this years season! Good luck!

Problems While Storing
  • Ziplock Bags
    • can leak, but great for solid foods
    • keep them on hand for storing open foods
    • also can be used inside of tinwear and cotton bags
  • Tupperwear
    • they take a lot of room in the cooler
    • eggs can be stored/ stuff them with paper towel to prevent breakage
  • Food getting wet in the cooler
    • store things like butter in period glass with rubber rings
    • vaccuum sealer works wonders for made ahead meals
  • We over pack because we are afraid of going hungry
    • this is where your menu is helpful
    • snacks for children- take 2 of their favorite and packs in appropriate wasy- children are too busy playing or too hot
Day Trips
  • Pack a picnic basket with cloth bags- Ziplock inside of them with snacks that do not need refrigeration.
    • Dried apples
    • Rasisins
    • Apples
    • Goober Peas (peanuts)
    • Jars of pickels
    • Jams/jellies with biscuts or bread
    • Cheese
    • Some ham or sausage

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