Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kristen: A small rant that has nothing to do with reenacting

Yesterday I was heckled by a group of teenagers whilst training for my 5k. Since there are many female readers on this blog, I thought I'd share my response. I apologize that it has nothing to do with reenacting!

To the girls who called me “thick” when I was running;

At first, I thought you were going to murder me. You pulled up in a dirty car, slowing down ahead of me to get my attention. When I saw it was a group of females, I relaxed a little. I thought my sisters! Women who are on my team! They don’t want to hurt me, they want to support me! Never could I be so wrong.

One of you rolled the window down, and sneered “Girl, you’rethick!” I’ll admit my running shorts are on the tighter side. A year of full time work teaching teens and finishing full time master’s classes had taken its toll by a few pounds. But I don’t think you targeted me for my shorts. It was my high school shirt, one that I've kept around for 8 years after graduation.The comfortable “CHS” caught your eye because you thought I was in high school. And vulnerable.

The only response I could muster for your insult was a quick“I’m Mexican!” and I turned to keep running. I had been running non-stop for 3 miles already, and was just hitting my second wind. I could hear your laughter down the next block. I was actually a little ashamed; I am proud of the Latina body, strong and able. I am proud of my strong legs that push me through a 5k. I’m proud of my stomach, which is filled with healthy foods. I worked hard for that body you so carelessly tried to destroy. That's not what bothered me.

You thought I was a teenager. You wanted to make me feel awful; I am angry because I teach those girls. I take them aside at school when they are bullied for their weight, drying tears or building them back up. I want to obliterate anything that hurts their self esteem. Yet I realized, as I continued to jog, that I could not eliminate a group of teenagers.

So next time, girls, you decide to bully someone, use your head. You words and actions did not affect me, except to add 5 seconds to my 5k training session. Realize that you are cowards, that one day that weight will fall upon you easily, and you will look to your other sisters for support and love. You will receive it, because we forgive. But we do not forget.

Ps-Also, if you are heckling a runner, please don’t do it from the lazy vantage point of your car. You look like an idiot.


Kristen, a jogger from Michigan.

This is me, doing something healthy. Note the lack of bullying taking place.


  1. On the walk to the bar a few weekends ago a high schooler rolled down the window and yelled "Get a car, losers!" seriously. It was so ridiculous though that we all laughed about it. Ppl. rolling down windows in cars to yell insults have some serious problems 1. Is this seriously fun for you to make personal attacks at random people? 2. It's sort of pathetic that you need to do something like that to get the attn. of other ppl. in the car. 3. Would you say this if you were walking by, and had to deal with a response? Probably not. Keep your head high sista ;-) The fact that they rolled down the window to yell at you like that tells you just what kind of ppl. they are. I'd take "thick" over that any day

  2. They must have a lot of insecurities of their own, and project them onto others in this immature manner. Stay strong!

  3. People can be so cruel sometimes. Hope the rest of your run was better! :)


    1. It for sure was! It was one of my better running times as of late. Thanks!

  4. Note 1: You're not actually "thick."

    Note 2: Whenever I see a women running, (especially if they are fuller figured) I feel like yelling at them "I'M JEALOUS!"

  5. I'm sure the only exercise they ever get is lifting the fork to their mouths & a workout from trying to button their jeans that never fit. Keep doing what you're doing, hell with them. Besides, most people that do that are insecure with themselves.

    1. Thanks for your support! I know they're insecure; I work with teenagers everyday. I am tired of them being so mean to each other!

  6. Im going to bully you, cuz I love you, but you are clearly on all fours in this picture lol. The photographer only needed to tilt the camera. Sorry to be Cpt Obvious. :P



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