Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Becky: A Dress In A Day

courtesy of The Two Nerdy History Girls  

This has been swarming around on Facebook for sometime now, and I finally saw the videos today.

The Margaret Hunter Shop in Williamsburg, VA replicated a 1770-1780 dress, or a mantua, as it was called then. Not only did they replicate the dress as it was built in the Early American era, but the women who worked there made this mantua in a day!

I learned that silk was made in 23 5/8 inches long! The average length of fabric today is 45 and 60 inches. Janea Whitacre mentions that the average work day in the 1770's maybe 12-13 hours! She also mentions that one's dress was only the cost of the material, but not the labor that was put into making the dress!

The videos are a great inspiration for myself to make the stays I have been thinking of. I hope the videos will be an inspiration for you too!

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