Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kristen: Sewing under pressure

Hello dear reader, I have returned to the blogosphere! I am currently writing a few papers for my master's classes, and they have sucked any creativity and happiness from myself. Seriously, I often wonder the use of such pressure on students, as it can have an ill effect on their work...

In any case the Greenfield Village reenactment is coming up May 25-27. This is perhaps the busiest time for a reenactor, as there are dresses to finish, camp equipment to purchase, and presentations to practice. I consider April and May the mad dash to the finish line. I have looked back at my goals when we first started the blog in January.

Big projects
1. Finish sheer mourning dress completely by hand
I still need to attach a collar for this dress.
2. Finish blue floral dress
I am mostly done, just work to the waistband and hem. Also a collar.

Small Projects:
1.   Rosette belt, similar to many I have seen already
Haven't started this yet, though I want one for the floral dress.
2.   Paper flowers for my bonnet. My Dad bought me a book with so many ideas!
Another project I've yet to start! Though I will be going to a bonnet decorating workshop soon.
3.   Silk sewing case from the same book. I haven't yet decided on the shape.
I've made a few of these. There's one in my etsy shop:

I also had the opportunity to recover another parasol. I was proud to finish it!

I was starting to feel bad, that I had not been doing enough sewing. In reality, I've completed at least 3 projects in the past month, lost 5 pounds, and have almost finished the final papers for both my master's classes. This past Friday I played 2 indoor soccer games, spraining my ankle in the process.

I think I deserved the break!

Once I turn in my papers next week I'll have more time to finish projects. Hopefully I'll get through everything with enough time to prepare properly for Greenfield Village. The countdown begins!


  1. Where do you find your parasols? I want to make one but haven't the faintest where to start. Lovely dress as well! :)


    1. Veronica, I found my skeleton on ebay under $50. You should look for sellers that describe it as a "child's umbrella/parasol". You should look for a decent one with a good triangle piece, this would be your pattern to cover the parasol. If you are going to antique sales, you can try to get a discount if its "broken". Carriage parasols fold in the middle of the stem and at the very top. The top slide is pushed above the joint and youre able to tilt the top to cover your face from the sun. If the seller does not know what they have, bring it up to them, ask for a discount because it is "broken". I hope this helps!

    2. That helps me a lot. Thank you very much! :)




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