Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kristen: A 1920's New Year's Party

I've noticed in my adult life that the celebrations have changed. It's such an odd spectrum for New Year's Eve parties; as a child, we gathered with the family, and then as adult it's often with friends! This year I definitely celebrated as an "adult," complete with classy 1920's looks!

Now you might be wondering how I now moved in to this time period. Really, I haven't-yet. Though I did want a cute outfit to fit in, so I hunted through several vintage/thrift stores to find something *close.* I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but no one else would know!

I fell in love with this silky dress that I KNOW was a nightgown for an era that was NOT the 1920s (I wore my Regency chemise under it...). The exotic looking feather and headband tied together the whole look. Somehow I pinned a side chignon to my head, one that could withstand rounds of Wii U dancing and outrageous karaoke. It turned out to be an amazing night!

While I know everything wasn't completely accurate to the era, I had fun researching hairstyles and different looks! I may just have to add a 1920's dress to my sewing list this year...that list will be coming soon!

Happy New Year!


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