Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kristen: Sewing Basket Success!

As you may have noticed, I have already made these lovely baskets for Becky's baby shower. They have been quite popular with the ladies who won them in our game, and I'm happy to see them in use!

Now I will show you how to make them! They're fairly easy, and I have research to back them up! First, here is a quick reminder of the sewing basket research, which you can find on my blog here. In the 1861 Godey's Ladies Magazine, I found a lovely chintz basket that would be *PERFECT* for little sewing trips, instead of lugging around a huge bucket full of fabric...

Not completely satisfied, I needed to find at least one original. And I did find only one original! For some reason the website doesn't work anymore, but I was able to save the file to my computer.
When I find more sources, I will add them! Armed with a historical and original source, I planned my attack! And by attack, I mean I messed it up horribly and nearly gave up. Undeterred, I measured, cut, and sewed a few times until I had a template that fit. Here are my instructions:

Sewing Basket Tutorial
1. Materials: .5 yard cotton/silk material, matching thread, 3 chipboard sheets, long piece of tin for handle. Cut out pieces into the following shapes from the chipboard. There is not one particular "correct" size, though they shouldn't be too large. I don't have a picture of them uncovered, but here is what they should look like finished.

2. Cut and glue fabric to fit the chipboard shapes, leaving a half inch all around. Don't go too short on this; it's easier to trim later than add fabric! Next, roll 1 side of the fabric under a side, doing the same throughout the piece. A simple whip stitch around, and voila! (Actually, this takes the longest time).

3. You should have 7 fabric covered pieces now. Sew the two sides to the bottom.

3. And then the two ends...

4. Finally, attach the lid and the inner dividing piece. That last piece is the trickiest! I try my best to tack it down, though sometimes the glue from the side pieces interferes. At this point, your basket is just about done, leaving the handle for last.

5. The handle can also be pretty tricky. I'm using this intense tin that was given to me, and it is quite strong. Since tin can be sharp on its edges, I taped it down for safety purposes! 

 6. After fitting the fabric to the tin handle, I did just a small swipe of hot glue to attach the two. It's the only glue that has really gotten anything to stick to the tin...did I mention I hate tin? Then do a quick stitch folding over the fabric.

7. Finally, attach the handle to the basket. I usually do a glue/stitch mix. For an added touch I made a little needle case and pouch. Success!

Now I have this lovely little sewing case that I have no use for...Etsy soon! And possibly a pattern too!

Have you tried to make a basket like this? Please link or give me photos to look at!


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  1. Love this post! I'm working on a basket from the same pattern and your tutorial has been a big help. I'm considering adding a lid on the other side of the divider as well. Have you found having one side without a lid to be helpful?



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