Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kristen: Charity Preview Event

It was awesome!

So I ended up very quickly having my hair, makeup, and nails done before I made it to my Dad's. At about 4:30, the newest model of Ford Fusion arrived to take us to our destination! We left a little early, so we stopped at Astoria and bought our driver, Mercede, and myself sweets. She had a chocolate dipped cannoli, I devoured a pistachio baklava dipped in chocolate. The perfect start to the night! 
We pulled up to the curb at Cobo hall and were met by a cameraman! He taped us getting out of the car, and followed us around for part of the night. It was rather intimidating; he had to keep telling my Dad to stop looking at the camera! We were too occupied by our surroundings to worry for too long. There were so many singers and dancers!

Also, at some point I saw a woman wearing my dress...

And then another...

 And then there were three! Turns out we all rented our dresses from, which I strongly recommend if you like stylish dresses but don't have the space to keep them all. A man in a bow tie *insisted* that we be interviewed by Fox 2. I made my infamous "BAM" comment about my dress, one that you can see here on the second page. I will never EVER live that down...

 I've never been to the Auto Show before, so it was all quite new. The cars were gorgeous! I also met that very pretty pregnant product specialist that was on the news. I just had to take a picture with her! There were so many cars that I only took pictures of my favorite ones...and then I asked my Dad to buy them for me! Everyone loved the cars...

...but the people were by far more interesting! It was a mingling of the wealthy, car fanatics, and those who just want to be seen. There were so many gorgeous ensembles that my disco-ball glitter dress wasn't the brightest!

 At some point in the night I also did an interview with Ford, as they sponsored this event for us. We will always be a Ford family; my Grandpa and various uncles have ensured that! Who knew that taking one chance with that contest entry would turn into all this?

Finally at the end of the night (by which point my feet were on fire from wearing heels for several hours) we watched Sheryl Crow rock out Cobo Hall. I couldn't get very close, but I did listen to her fantastic voice. She is still gorgeous AND a good singer!

We were both exhausted by the time we returned home. It was such an amazing experience! I would recommend everyone to go to the car show at least once in their lives, just to see it all. It was awesome to spend time with my Dad too! (Which was funny, because people kept thinking I was his trophy wife...I told him I make him look good either way!) Just spectacular, all of it!

 I know I keep saying this, but how can this life get better???


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  1. So proud of you that you took your father! I true night to remember!
    Love it - - BAM!!!



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