Monday, January 6, 2014

Kristen: The Historical Sew Fortnightly (Why I'm this crazy)

Perhaps you are wondering why I would choose to participate in such an event. It is a yearlong calendar of sewing techniques, fabric, and craziness. That is The Historical Sew Fortnightly.
It is hosted by Leimomi Oakes, a.k.a The Dreamstress. Her work is absolutely *beautiful,* and I've used her site for sewing/crafting references numerous times. I've admired the participating seamstresses for this sew-along, as well as the direction of the group. There are 24 challenges in all! Here are the goals, as copied from the website:

The Goals:

  • To encourage collaborations and interactions in the historical costuming community;
  • To encourage all of us to do more historical research, to improve our standards of historical accuracy, and to expand our historical sewing skills;
  • To provide excuses to sew amazing garments from throughout history;
  • To provide incentive to photograph these garments so they can be shared and appreciated;
  • And most of all…
  • To have fun!
How is this not absolutely wonderful? It speaks to so many parts of myself. As an educator, I love to teach and learn. As a reenactor, I love history. As an amateur seamstress, I love to improve my accuracy and skills. As a person, I love to have fun!
Eating is fun!

So amidst the craziness that is my life, I have decided to participate. I look forward to collaborating with others, and contributing to the online costuming community. Most of all, I can't wait to start sewing! There will be a separate tab on this site, which will be updated at least every 2 weeks with my new projects. Enjoy!


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