Monday, January 6, 2014

Becky: A Recap of the Holidays

Like I said in my last entry, December was busier than November with the holidays.

I began the month sewing. I had bought insertion lace from Mrs. Lynch, which surprisingly matched the lace I had already sew on the gown. This was my first attempt at insertion lace. It was a learning experience and I suggest to use nothing less than 1" insertion lace if you plan to work with it by hand.

I had Jillian come over a few times that week to work on her corset. She is now embroidering her corset on her time. We have gotten so far working together that she may be able to wear her new corset by the beginning of this season!

Between December 13 and the 15th, I had help organizing the baby shower and creating the favors. Andy had volunteered to be Santa Clause for his church's pancake breakfast that morning. After the busy morning, family and friends who wanted to help, stayed later to help fill mason jars with coco mix and marshmallows. The procedure went very fast, we had many helpful hands and as a group, we also made clouds out of folded tissue paper. These will later be hung up from the ceiling with rain drop shapes made out of construction paper. Here is our centerpieces for my ducky themed baby shower:

That Tuesday I visited my father and sewed with a group of 21st members. It was a long time since I sewed at the party they hold every week. It was a fun and well needed time to reconnect with friends.

December 18th was the first heavy snow MI received. As a landscaper/ snow removal man, Andy had to work that night, but he made sure that some kids got to see Santa at their day care! I have to say, he is the cutest Santa Ive ever seen! He admits that he loves to act as Santa during the holidays and to hold the littl'ns.

Sometimes it sucks to have the night shift. The next day, I slept to prep for that night of work. Andy and his family had accidentally scheduled the trip to Greenfield Village's Holiday Nights on the same night I was to work. It turned out perfect though! The temperature was just around 40 degrees and there was no snow showing on the radar, but the snow from the night before made it a magical night!

I know Greenfield Village as if it is my home. To be frank, it practically is in my backyard! I have been going to the village since... well I dont know when! Here is a picture of my parental grandfather, me, and my mom at Cotswold Cottage, my favorite building/ house at the village:

I had showed this picture to my boyfriend, Andy, earlier. He said that he remembered the picture, but it wasnt his plan to propose to me at this spot specifically for the picture. Wait, what?! Propose? Like to get married? YUP!

Andy asked me that night to marry him! And of course I said yes!

It was a total surprise! I was too caught up looking for Jillian who might have worked that night, but I never saw her. Andy had jokingly pushed me to the cottage as we were walking towards it. I was a little confused when he forcefully made his way away from his parents, yet his brother was right on our heels. Then all of a sudden he got onto his knee, spoke my full name and asked me to marry him.... I think. He was so emotional, his first few words were strong, but as he continued to ask me, he got quieter and quieter... and maybe even a little tearful? In my mind it was a blur, I knew what was happening and I knew what he was asking that I dont think I let him finished before I said yes!

The next day Andy, my now fiance, and his brother hosted a Christmas business party at a local bowling alley where I got to show off my new ring!

Days before Christmas, Andy taught me how to make a Mushroom and spinach strudel. We bought a case, yes a case, of mushrooms and spinach to make the 12 strudels. Then we "sweated" the mushroom and spinach down with garlic and onions. As I am no cook, Andy had to show me how to "paint" on egg wash to keep the strudels together.

We had so many we gave one to each house we visited that week. I still have one or two left, but they are perfect for freezing. They are a yummy polish food and Im ecstatic to learn how to cook cultural food that my fiance loves to eat! 

Christmas Eve was spent at Andy's extended family and Christmas was spent with his parents, but this was the sight you would have seen:

The day after Christmas was spent with my side of the family. And at some point of all this commotion, I caught the cold. I also found time, somewhere, to finish the christening gown. Im so excited to be able to show everyone at the shower my hard work! It is so pretty!

The last days of December we confirmed 90 guests to attend at my shower! We underestimated our guests by 30 people!

Counting all the duckies

And the last seconds of the year Andy and I spent them with close family and friends! I hope you had a joyful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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