Friday, January 3, 2014

Becky: A November Recap

I should be punished for not writing. I mean how can Kris post so many yet, Im sure she is doing far more things than I am. But either way, I feel the need to tell you why I have not wrote one word in almost two months. I wish this entrance was as exciting as Kris' Jane Austin's birthday and New Years, but alas, I admit it may not be.

And so, my recap of November:
The first weekend Andy and I took a vacation. My guy had planned well in advance to celebrate our first anniversary at Zehnder's Splash Village in Frakenmuth. It was so much fun! The first day wasnt so great though, I was sick in the morning, but we eventually made it to Bronner's to buy our first Christmas ornaments together. We even bought one for our upcoming addition! We didnt do too much walking around the city, but I remember spending our last day solely in the water park. His brother came to join us and we all enjoyed a family chicken meal at Zehnder's. Here is Andy and I at the dinner table. If you know us, this is a daily scene!

The next week I dragged Andy to Ferndale. There is a really cute shop in Ferndale that sells cloth diapers. "Not the cloth diapers your momma use to use". We went there for a cloth diaper class to teach us about the different cloth diapers they now have. Cloth diapers have really made a turn for the better. Here is Thirsties All in one:

It looks just like a disposable diaper, but the only difference between this and a disposable is you have to wash it, it saves you money, and there are no chemicals being absorbed into the baby's private parts! How can you go wrong?! 

The class taught us so much it made us really think of using, or rather, think better for using cloth diapers. I bought a couple of Thristies to show the Grandmas-to-be, they were still a little shy from them, but they said that they are willing to try them out! I also bought the "old fashion" prefold that the grandmas-to-be are used to using. I plan to use the prefolds during events even though they are not "PC".

Days after, was my historical baby shower which I LOVED! It was a touching event to have the support of my girls! They are all precious! 

On the 10th, I took my mom to a Baby expo. Now some people can really hype up they're stuff on facebook. I say this because this expo in Novi was a total bust! It was such a disappointment. It was held in a hotel room, I saw at least 5 empty tables and mothers could not push their strollers around it was that cramped! I found this to be the most unorganized expo Ive been to. There was even a lawyer that dealt with funerals and death! REALLY? at a BABY expo? it was a total mess!

November 19th was my 22nd birthday. It wasnt super special, but my family tried to make something out of it. I had worked the night before, slept half of my birthday away, and then I had work that night again. But my family had worked out a dinner at Buddy's Pizza where we all shared some yummy deserts!

Thanksgiving was also busy! The day before Thanksgiving, I spent dinner with my paternal aunt. Thanksgiving was spent with my maternal aunt in the morning and later that night with Andy's paternal cousin.

Then shortly after, Andy and I spent the last day of November celebrating his Aunt's 75th birthday!

Lets just say November was a busy month! And a little hint for my next post, December didnt give November any slack!


  1. I'm guessing the lawyer was there to encourage parents to have their wills in order in case anything happens to them. Then the babies would be taken care of and go to the people you want raising them instead of who the court decides. We have bee using cloth diapers for 5+ years with our kids. Thirsties have nice gussets. My favorite are the Bum GeniusElementals which are an all in one diaper. They were discontinued but cotton brought them back for the holiday season. Some of my friends also really like the Swaddlebees all in one. Best wishes! I used my regular diapers

  2. At events and covered with a period looking diaper cover. (Sorry for the typo and two posts it stopped letting me write anything.)



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