Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kristen: New Year, New Organization

As the new year begins, I've decided to get organized...cue the laughter! I've always been a little bit messy. Just an itsy tiny bit disorganized. My teenage/college years were most epic in their lack of cleaning and systems of organizations. Let's recap some of my more recent dirtiness...

 It's because I'm creative! Honestly! So part of my new year will include trying to be more organized. Here are a few things I've already done. Maybe I can save one of my fellow crafter/seamstresses from my most cluttered fate...
 Most seamstresses will have a stockpile of some sort, stashed away for the *perfect* project. All of those fabric sales! I've stopped buying fabric unless it is for a specific ensemble, and most of my scraps are going to school for my students' projects. The big plastic drawer is excellent for projects that I will not be doing for at least a month. The smaller bags hold individual projects, complete with thread/pins/needles. They're perfect to bring with me to sewing night or family gatherings (sorry family-I'm not bored, just industrious!).
 Ribbon/Small Bits
I can't take complete credit for this-I found the idea on pinterest! I noticed that my ribbon spools were taking up tons of space, so I wrapped them onto popsicle sticks. My stash went from 4 boxes to 1! The transparent tupperware bins are perfect for storage too, and I have 10 total. Much easier than a pile shoved silently into a corner...
I bought this wooden thread rack at Joann Fabrics. It is an improvement from the sad tangle of thread with the occasional dangerous pin. I keep out the spools that I use most, though I keep a few cheaper ones out for quick fixes.
For all of the little bits that need to be out for convenience. I store scissors, writing tools, pliers, and receipts all in one place. Best of all, it rotates! I found this lovely at Michaels, with one of those deep discount coupons.
 Jewelry Tools
Did you know that I make jewelry too? My etsy shop is here, in case you were wondering...since I like to use as much period accurate beading/material as possible, my stash of beads exploded! I store types of beads in tiny plastic jewelry bags, and then separate based on color. I've been able to keep my sanity, as well as my crafting supplies! I'm a little exhausted by all the cleaning though...

Well, this might be time to take a break...and go work on my master's thesis...



  1. Wow, great job. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the amount of organization and cleaning I have to do that it stops me from moving forward in my projects. You've inspired me.

  2. I'm glad that I could inspire someone! Also, it feels amazing to be able to craft in a clean room again...I can finally find my scissors. Happy sewing!



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