Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kristen: Ford Rent the Runway

My excitement is just beyond anything right now. How can I even put this into words? My more observant readers will remember that I live in Michigan. Home of Detroit, also home of the auto industry. Home of the North American International Auto Show.
I swear this will make sense in a minute

So Ford runs big promotional events for the car show. An my family LOVES Ford. My Grandpa and a ton of Uncles have worked for them. I drive a 2006 Ford Escape, having driven a Ford Taurus in the future. My Dad won't let anything that's not American-made in the driveway...you get the idea...
So clickondetroit.com is a news website that reports on all things Detroit. I noticed they were running a promotion for Rent The Runway, a company that lets customers rent dresses for big events. They asked for a picture in my best style and explanation of my love of cars; I talked about how I work on them with my dad! I was chosen with 9 other women for a stylist consultation at Cobo Hall.

I arrived to find food, dresses, and a million shiny things. Oh, and a car.

I tried on a ton of dresses. I didn't really think I would win the big prize-4 of the women would win tickets to the Charity Preview for the Auto Show ($350 each), basically the red carpet event of the season. I did NOT think that I would win.

Drumroll please....and I won! I'm taking my Dad (that guy who taught me to work on cars) to the Charity Preview in an absolutely gorgeous rented dress and accessories, chauffeured in the newest Ford Fusion, and money for dinner. Sheryl Crow is playing at the concert. You know it's serious when my Dad orders a tux.

How can I wait until Friday??


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