Friday, January 31, 2014

Becky: January Recap

The new year started out proactive! I have finished two cotton shirts for the baby. One shirt is closed, and one was open. I will have a post later explaining the two different shirts, however, the shirts are similar to this one I found on Pinterest:

 And this one, Naomi Barnes is selling on Etsy:

I used Elizabeth Stewart Clarks' SA-100: Infant Linens. Her patterns are very accurate and well understood. I enjoyed making the shirts because they are simple and fast to make.

In the same week I had finished my baby's gown. There isnt a grand picture of it yet, but I was happy to show the finished project at the baby shower I hosted a few days after....

There was a horrible snow storm the day of my shower. The snow and ice prevented half of the expected guests to stay home. Snow, notwithstanding, I had an amazing turn out. I was so happy to see everyone that could make it and I hoped that they enjoyed it as much as I did!

Here is a picture of the table set up. I had amazing help from close friends and family, I only gave out ideas and they set up the whole place! I had Hot coco mix in mason jars topped with cupcake paper as favors, all ideas from pinterest. The duck theme was also a pinterest idea.

There wasnt much that I didnt get ideas from pinterest... Can you tell I love that site?!
Here is our cake reveal...

It's a GIRL!

It was a crazy week because the day before the shower was the 21st's annual Christmas Party. Here is Rosie, Carrie and I just before dinner.

The fiance and I started childbirth classes the next week. We will be delivering at the ABC here in MI. The ABC is Alternative Birthing Center where the nurses try to keep the experience as natural as possible. They honor your birth plan as long as baby and mother are safe and also shy away from epidurals and c-sections.

The "Center" which is only three rooms on the far end of the L&D wing, has full-queen size bed, yoga ball, and even a water tub, if any mother wanted to have a water birth, which I do not. It is very much like a home-birth, but if there was anything to happen, the L&D is right behind the door. 

If you are unaware of what is happening in the North of America at this time, Im not sure what Id say to you. January has given us some crazy weather. As in crazy, I mean, for a few weeks we have been negative temperatures and heavy snow falls.

This is Michigan as of two days ago:

I have the link I used here.

The two "Polar Vortex"s that North America has been blessed with allowed us to break a recorded of fallen snow in one month. We have acceded near 40" of snow!

With this Andy, the boyfriend, has been working non-stop since Christmas in December. The days he does get off, he is recovering lost sleep. However we were able to go to the cottage in Canada the other day. Was it a great surprise for us to find that the piped were frozen? We had no water that night, but I came up with the brilliant idea of using melted snow as rinse water. Why not? Snow was EVERYWHERE!

It was a great way to end the month!

P.S. I hope February isnt this harsh! The baby is due in 10 days!

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