Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kristen: 21st Michigan Christmas Party

'Tis the season! Sort of...we normally hold our annual reenactor Christmas party a little after the holidays. Yet there was no shortage of good cheer! Also, I was able to have my beloved fiancee attend, since his flight was delayed by that epic snowstorm.

By this time of the season, most reenactors have hunkered down into winter routines, relaxing before the summer rush of events. It was nice to see everyone! By the way, the food is *spectacular* every year, and I am extra gluttonous to the point that I overeat. It's basically a family party!

Every year we do a white elephant gift exchange. I've seen some pretty ridiculous gifts in the past, though this year it seemed that everyone received *awesome* surprises!

 My fiancee and I had to leave a little early to prepare for his morning flight, but first I just had to participate in a Virginia Reel, called by the lovely Jackie Schubert! Perhaps my favorite part of this party is catching up with fellow reenactors, sharing laughs and plans for the upcoming season. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving friends!

 Happy Holidays to my fellow reenactors, and get ready for summer 2014!!!


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