Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kristen: Palette Hairwork How To

There are so many aspects of hairwork I have yet to explore! However, the one I have had the hardest time researching is palette work. Fortunately, I came across a blog here; the author attended a workshop at Leila's Hair Museum. I have wanted to go so badly! Unfortunately that is not on the agenda, but she did give me helpful hints to supplement my research.

How to treat the hair for Palette work

1. Gather your materials: glue, hair, brush, scissors, aluminum foil

2. Swipe glue onto hair liberally, making sure to keep it flat

3. Wait and let it dry (or get a blowdryer like me!)

4. Cut pieces and create!

The flower was fairly easy, but the weaving was nearly impossible. I can't help but think that I'm not using the right technique for that one...oh well, more research I suppose! Later I tried the whole process again, this time letting the glue dry completely. It was easier to work with and could be cut without flaking. 

My cutting skills need more work too. Practice makes perfect! I also have a few side projects that I am trying to finish before the Charlton Park reenactment this year in late July. Here's my running list at the moment:

1. Finish gold dress
2. Recover Felicia's parasol
3. Finish traveling bag
4. Finish another handkerchief
5. Make 1 hair ribbon



  1. I'm not sure if this is relevant to your specific project, but there's an excellent book scanned in to Google Books which shows few of hairwork techniques

    Entertainingly for me (as a dorky fiber nerd) they appear to be a combination of bobbin lace making, and kumihimo. I'm not sure if they're "traditional" in any sense (there's a paean to the author in the front which reeks of Industrial Era Progress mansplaining) but it's still a really interesting book.

  2. SO COOL! please post more!



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