Monday, June 3, 2013

Becky: GFV Prep and Greenfield Village Memorial Weekend

Ugh! Im such a bad blogger! Im sorry its taken me a WEEK to talk about Memorial Weekend. I caught up with a few families from that weekend, with larger family members, and they said that Sunday was the last day of taking care of the 'Memorial After Math'.

Yesterday, my boyfriend (of 7 months!) and I enjoyed a beautiful day at the Detroit Zoo. Because he is the owner of a business, he is often not available, or gets home really late. Im happy that the day went really well and we have became even closer because of this trip! Unfortunately this was the ONLY picture taken of that day:
Andy and I at the Arctic Circle, Detroit Zoo  
And for the long waited post:
May 24, '13, Friday 
It was confusing day for all of us. My boyfriend had the trailer at his shop, yet he worked in the morning, so I didnt know when he would be picking my brother and I up. Sue was at home waiting for her house sitter and Sophika to arrive. I wanted to arrive early, say, 2pm before most people arriving at 3. FYI, the gate opens at 5pm.

Sue txt me: "Where on our way!"

Oh crap! I had JUST finished packing my clothing and the night before I had made Switchel. I swear, Andy, had better remember bringing the frozen drinks!

"Where in line now!-Sue"

Great! It takes Sue an hour to get to my house. Its been an hour since she last talked to me. WHERE was Andy?!

"Andy still hasnt arrived"
"Where are you?"

Wait. On second thought, I know Sue. She's the nice one that will drop everything for one person. I txt her right after:
"Stay there. Its first come, first serve. Snatch us the spot when you can."


I heard the diesel truck down the street. "Oh finally!" I think. I looked at the clock 5 o'clock! Really?! We're late!

"One more stop babe." Andy told me. Something I really didnt want to hear.

After picking up more Gatorade, we where on our way.

We pulled up and there was the line! Oh Good! We didnt miss a thing!

We had found the perfect spot near the silk tress. My brother and I had camped there last and Drew quickly snatched it up!

We had a wonderful group of friends help us set the "house" up. We had set up in record time! Our family would take hours to set the house up, but with the extra help, we split the time in half!

May 25, '13 Saturday
Saturday was pleasant. The weather was cool, but it never reached to a point where I had to wear a jacket, nor cool down with iced drinks.

Saturday was my brother's 18th birthday and I decided to wear my dinner dress for the whole day in celebration. Normally I would only wear this dress after 5pm for a dinner party, but I thought I wouldnt need to change for the fashion show that afternoon.

I FINALLY met Veronica and her awesome mom! I was very happy to see them! It was really great to finally to have met them, but also to talk living history with them!

I was often seen sewing that day: 
I was determined to get the sheer dress at least presentable for the weekend. I had come to terms with myself. I could make the dress presentable, but I would not have the dress finished like the original I was replicating. I still need to work on the ruffles and to gather the sleeves.

I had grabbed a new member of the 21st to escort me to the fashion show.  He looked fabulous from the first day he joined the group and I knew that Beth needed more people for the fashion show. It was a win-win!


This dress is also a replication form an original. I had this fabric for years, and only last year I found an original, in the book: Masterpieces of Womans costume of the 18th and 19th century, to reproduce it. It has a predominant square neckline suitable for fancier occasions like a dinner or a small celebration and would often be worn AFTER 5pm. The short sleeves are often another sign that it is a dinner dress. Although the dress SHOULD be made out of silk, it is not, yet the rosettes and covered buttons are. To top it off I added pockets! I love them and use them often.

May 27, '13 Sunday

R to L: Me, Sue, Sophika in our fabulous wrappers
I was happy to have Dad join us Sunday morning at breakfast. His plane arrive the night before from Los Vegas for work. It was different not having Dad set up, but it was good to have him for the weekend.

Sophika offered to cook for us that weekend.

"I have the NEED to FEED!" She would say.

I never went hungry that weekend!

There was another fashion show that day and I finished the dress in time!
I had Jacob escort me again.

Kris showed off her new impression too!

After the fashion show, the ones who could go went to the Eagle Tavern. Here is only a fraction of the members in our group!

 Later that night the ball that everyone has been waiting for was held at Lovette Hall. I had recently sold off the dress I was planning to wear, and the one that I brought was borrowed from a friend that forgot hers. I didnt mind that I didnt go to the ball. My boyfriend was wearing modern clothing, we didnt have time to make him a set. Instead of the ball, we joined those who didnt go, around a campfire.

Dad and Step-mom-to-be

Sophika looking gorgeous in blue.
May 28, '13 Monday
Monday wasnt such a pleasant as the others. For the sake of Jake, it rained the last part of the day. It was horrible to tear down the tent. The tents were wet, you were wet, and everyone wanted to go home. Because of the rain, I was not able to show Andy, my boyfriend, the activities going on. I hope to show him more than just our tent at Jacksn in August.

That morning however, there was a wonderful Memorial service in front of the town hall. The announcer asked for all that have served and it was awesome to see how many have severed for this great country!
Besides the rain and the week after, unpacking and drying the tents. I would say that this event was a success!


  1. I'm glad we finally got to meet you! :) A few questions: how does your sheer fasten up the front? Hooks and eyes? Also, where did you get the pattern for your wrapper? I'd like to make one someday.


    1. The sheer has hooks and hand made eyes. This is unusual for a sheer. The original dress is constructed this way, but other sheers would have fastening on the underbodice and the fashion fabric would ne pinned with straight pins. I used different pattern pieces. For the bodice I used Truly victorian's fitted bodice and cut off the points. As for the sleeves, I used the pagoda from past patterns.



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