Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kristen: Upcoming sewing projects

Now that I've settled in to the new house I've been itching to start my summer sewing/crafting list. Most projects have been on hold until I could access my supplies. Perhaps a short break was a good way to recharge after the chaos of Greenfield Village!

Here are my upcoming plans for the next 2-3 weeks:

1. Work on Hair Jewelry: Dear reader, you will be VERY excited to read my next post. Let me give you a strong hint that it will be about hairwork, and a success!

2. Parasols: I have 2 to recover that are on my priority list, though I've purchased a few more online. I've already started Becky's; time to put my education to good use!

3.  Hair Pieces: I have a little stash of silk ribbon that would look adorable in my hair! I also had the pleasure of receiving extra folding instruction from Pam Yockey, who is an excellent instructor.

4.  Selling old dresses: I recently sold 3 dresses from my stock, and realized that I still have 8 left! There are at least 4 that I want to sell, though I am still working out prices. It includes the purple with black dress, the coral, and the striped cotton ball gown.

5. Dressmaking: Since I'm getting rid of a few dresses, I need to hurry up and clutter my closet again! This time I found a very pretty gold with a red design. It shall be my next work dress.

On top of my many projects, I'd like to continue my healthy routine. With a combination of (mostly) healthy eating and exercise, I've lost 10 pounds since January! Only about 10 more until my goal weight...

It's moments like these that my Grandma Dolly says I am my father's daughter. According to her, we are "movers and shakers," and we never have a still moment. Since he is currently taking full time classes at Eastern Michigan University while working and I can't even lay in bed without blogging, I'd say she's right.

To Grandma Dolly!


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