Friday, June 21, 2013

Becky's sewing update

Remember this?:
Well, this is my progress:

Ive outlined the bag with one layer of white ribbon similar to the picture above. I now have to get my father to make the machine button holes. I have no idea how to do them on machine, and my hand sewn button holes are kinda notorious for begin horrible!

I start Kris's traveling bag soon, but with the mistakes I make from the first one, I can correct then on the next bag I make! They will get better and better each one I make.

Again, Im adding on sewing projects faster than I can make them!

I was asked, however, to make, with pay, a custom work dress for a member of our group. Her impression is a domestic and I found some fabulous wool:

She asked for light blue, but I geared towards a gray just in case she gets the dress dirtier than a few beatings would clean out.

And so, this is my up to date sewing list, Ive been procrastinating because TODAY IS MY FINALS!

Sewing List 
  1. Stephanie's travel bag
  2. Kris' travel bag
  3. Fix Dinner dress belt
  4. Fix Wrapper belt
  5. Sophia's Travel bag
  6. Margaret's wool dress
  7. Finish Susie's bonnet
  8. My travel bag
  9. Michelle's corset
  10. Finish my bonnet
  11. Baby clothes. Did I say Baby clothes?!

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  1. Hello, I love reading about your post. Keep up the good work.



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