Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Village Day 3

Sunday was the culmination of weeks of preparation and days of reenacting. I thought my mourning dress was such a hit, so I wore it again. It was Memorial Day and it seemed appropriate as the act was in memory of those in service, from all eras. I was not alone in my dress choices, and I must say that black is a becoming color.

Every year Greenfield Village holds a ceremony for the men and women of the armed forces, and I was given the honor of carrying the wreath! We had about 6 women in various stages of mourning, all to pay respect. It was beautiful.

Now I don't personally know anyone in service, though my Papa was a Marine back in the day. When the announcer asked servicemen and women to step forward, I was surprised to see so many reenactors and spectators to stand proudly front and center. Watching them made me proud, and I started to cry. Who knew I would actually cry behind the mourning veil?

 With all that happened this weekend, I realized that the reason it has been favorite so far is that my beau was able attend. He is my other half, the reason why reenactments without him feel only a little itsy bity empty. I am so happy he could experience everything with me.

Ken Giorlando, trickery with his camera again!

Well that about wraps up my amazing time at Greenfield Village. I froze in a tent, padded around on blistered feet, and in the end packed up my car in the pouring rain. Yet I am still looking forward to my next reenactment because deep down I don't mind the callouses and the dirt. This is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle!

By the way, when is my next reenactment???


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  1. Dexter...June 4 and/or 5th!
    Thanks for the wonderful postings!!



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