Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kristen: Hair Flowers

Another busy week! My etsy shop has been especially busy with orders, mostly reenactors preparing for Gettysburg. I've had to replenish my shop to keep up! Sadly that has taken time away from my hair jewelry, though I did manage to make 4 large handkerchiefs in an efficient manner.

I did find time to try a few hair flowers; while I might feel more adept at making them, I feel that they don't look any better! I've added pictures of several of my hair flowers.

 Perhaps my best improvements have been to wet the hair as I worked and to find smaller gauged wire (Currently #30, looking for #34). *Sigh*

I know that I said I would be patient throughout this process, but I started to become antsy. Practicing everyday without progress really bothers me. Until I made this flower...

My first "official" hair flower looks like a mess, but practice makes perfect! Stay tuned for my next post; I have a finished piece of hair braiding to show off!


1 comment:

  1. This is so excellent! I cannot wait to see the next instalment. Could you include a brief explanation as to how you how you you attach the hair to the wire?



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