Friday, May 17, 2013

Kristen: Walker Tavern

Isn't it wonderful to have two reenactors' perspectives of a single event?! Even though Becky and I spent nearly the entire day together, it does seem that we enjoy various aspects of the event itself.

First, let me say that I had been working VERY hard on the blue foral dress. If I recall, it was one of my "big" goals to have that finished. It wasn't completely hand sewn, though I used my new sewing skills to make it more accurate. Yes! I am progressing...

I had to take at least *one* dramatic pic

This was my first experience at Walker Tavern, and I have to say I was very disappointed that I couldn't go in the buildings. Part of me itches to be in the exact historical places! Luckily, I was able to sit under a friendly tent fly and relax with my fellow reenactors. A soft breeze, a gentle warmth came from above. It was relaxing not to set up camp, though I'm sure Becky and I weren't on our best Victorian behavior...

We wore ourselves out!

 Though somehow Becky found the energy to get excited for this pic!

As I am "attempting" to eat healthy, I chose to bring my own lunch instead of buying food from a vendor. I've done this before and gotten sick at a reenactment; my sandwich and veggies actually tasted delicious. Perhaps the setting makes the food taste better? The hosting unit (whose name escapes me...I'll fill this in later...) was quite kind and provide little bags filled with goodies. There were peanuts, cookies, and a bit of candy. 

I am quite happy with the ladies and gentlemen of this unit. They were pleasant company during my meal, and since this is my 3rd year we are all already acquainted. They were happy to oblige me by allowing me to take all these pics!

Even at rest these ladies keep their fingers busy! I'm always impressed by the sewing/knitting/crocheting skills around me, and they are even patient enough to teach me a few things! 

At some point my hair became a little heavy on my neck. I'm not used to dressing it now that it has grown out, so the thick braid that I've added has become almost a burden. Becky took the time to take out my (million) pins and fix it prettier. I have *no* idea how she did it, but she tamed the snarly gnarly beast that is my hair.

Kristen let me do your hair!

Uhh Becky?

Oh I see. Pretty!

At least someone used my braid!

I didn't really buy anything, though I anticipate spending a little at Greenfield Village in about a week. I did stop by the Walker Tavern gift shop to find a few post cards. Apparently one of the rooms in the tavern saw a murder with a stain that will not come out of the floor to this very day. While I was not able to investigate personally, I could safely gaze upon the post card and not an actual crime scene...

The house itself was quite impressive, and while we could not go inside we took pictures outside. The barn was still open to the public and we had fun playing with the little props. Really though, Walker Tavern you need to have your stuff open. I was dress too pretty not to be indoors...

Even with the tavern closed, it was a perfect opening day to the 2013 reenacting season. If you haven't noticed, dear reader, both Becky and I have been a little behind in our posts. I call it the pre-Greenfield rush. All of those buttons, hems, and wrinkles need to be attended to. I am also making a sheer dress for Sofia, so my fingers need to be nimble with my needle more than the computer. Hopefully I can do at least one more post before the weekend!



  1. Hello, very good. well done.

  2. Yay! More pictures! Like I said on Becky's post, I wish we could have met, but it'll have to be at GFV. :) I love your dress and your hair!


  3. Thanks!!! What day will you be coming? I have family visiting every day, as they normally do during GF Village. We shall have to meet! I should be camping right near Becky, hopefully...



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