Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Becky: Greenfield Village Prep Day 1

I woke up this morning to a harsh throat. 
I cant be sick! Not now!
Im paralyzed with excitement for the weekend. I even have my first exam tonight at school, but my concern is for the weekend. 

Kristen has mentioned that she has picked up these "small projects" when she knows that she might not have time to do them. I think everyone does that, including me. I have started making a clothing bag for my friends and.I found this victorian travel bag on etsy and thought I could make one myself. 

And of course, I thought I should treat my friends to them too. So with bringing out my college math book, 7 trials, I got the jest of sewing a cylinder. I have a good start with my first one, but none of them will be done before GFV.

To cool myself down, I searched Pinterest and here I found an old way to curl hair. This technique may be 60-70 years "before our time", but I was happy that the curls, on my hairpiece, came out very well. I will be using the same technique on a friend that has short hair. Hopefully it will look great.

I do wish that the women who made the video worked with styles between 1770- 1890. 

Well, its off to my exam!

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