Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 3

Tried to get more done today...and failed somewhat miserably. Wednesday is not my best day to accomplish anything.

With my newly cleaned car I was able to start packing. I always put down the carpets/rugs first because they take up the least room that way. It felt a little better to at least have started on the packing.

My vanity mirror needed to be fixed too. It's perfect at reenactments, since mirrors are rather hard to come by. The little frame came unglued, and I had my hot glue gun handy. Perhaps the easiest thing I did all day.

Next I was able to press all of the wrinkled clothing. A new iron makes all the difference!

I also mixed 3 loaves of bread and set them to rise until tomorrow. We have a pot luck planned, plus I'd like to have a little extra.



My room isn't completely clean, but it's close enough where I can find my supplies. I am much too tired to keep writing. More later...

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