Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 2

I woke up today completely tired. After reading my list from yesterday, I see why! There's still plenty to do, and with sewing group tonight I had less time to work on preparing for the actual setup. Luckily I plan this stuff in advance! Here's the work I did today...

First I stopped by Target to get a queen sized mattress as well as an iron (though I didn't do any ironing today). It's always a good idea to test these things before the event, and it seems that we only had a hand pump available. It was a useless good cardio activity.

No holes. Check!

Next I moved on to my car. Let's just say that I can be a teensy weensy little itty bit messy sometimes. Over time this stuff just seems to add up. Since every inch of my car is used to pack stuff, I need every crevice emptied. Hence the cleaning.



Sigh. I am a highly motivated and intelligent individual, but I can't seem to keep things cleaned and organized. A byproduct of my creativity? Wait until you see tomorrow's cleaning post...Anyways, I started packing the kitchenware. I use these foam sleeves to pack the dishes into my wooden box so they won't break. I'm trying to pack light!

I took this idea from Sue Lamkin 

I'll eventually fill the spaces with rags/dishclothes

At sewing group today I learned how to do the cuff and the piping on the waist of the bodice. I also purchased another parasol to recover from the lovely Glenna Jo. So many projects, so little time! I had an extra minute today to stop at the antique store as well. Just a little reward to myself for working so hard!

These are actually a very light, subtle blue

Here is my to do list for tomorrow:
1. Clean out bedroom
2. Go grocery shopping
3. Iron 3 articles of clothing
4. Mix bread to rise
5. Finish washing the blankets
6. Start packing the car



  1. Hope you get to everything on your list!

  2. I'm getting really excited about meeting you all! :) Good idea with the dishes.




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