Monday, May 20, 2013

Kristen: Greenfield Prep Day 1

Whew! So when I'm stressed, I write. It's soothing for me. I said that I didn't want to write that much this week...and that has turned into writing every day about what I do to prepare! It's nice to focus on the accomplishments of the day rather than to agonize over what is left. My OCD and anxiety have spoken!

It will get worse. Just wait...

I wanted to get a very good start on my to do list today after a work day full of screaming students! With impending storms, the tent had to go up first. In order to get to the tent, the garage needed to be organized. It is seriously awful great that we are moving soon, so this action had a deeper purpose. Oh yeah, and today decided to be 80 degrees, instead of a comfortable 73. Thanks Michigan!

 Before: an epic pit of despair

After: manageable 

It wasn't necessary to do this thorough of a cleaning, but it did make me feel better about the move next week. Plus I needed to find all of the poles. We laid them all out and started matching them up when it was brought to my attention that the tent fly ridge pole had snapped last year at Wolcott Mill. I do not have any extra ridge poles, so my boyfriend graciously offered to do it while I am at work tomorrow. We set up the tent anyways and have decided on an air mattress. Thank goodness we did this in advance!

The large crack in the middle is not supposed to be there

Since I started unpacking my reenacting gear, I decided to clean out the boxes and start a new load of dishes. Even though the dish ware has been in storage for 6 months, it still needs a good scrubbing. My awesome wooden box was cleaned, and I can't wait to start packing it soon!

Sue L. would note that this is not a temperance house

Next I started a load of reenacting blankets and settled down to finalize the grocery list. I'd like the final dollar amount of this to be under $30, though I know I can go way over that if I'm not paying attention. Here is somewhat of a list:

Breakfasts: Eggs, turkey bacon, toast, granola bars

Lunches: Sandwiches, nuts, fruit, boiled eggs

Dinners: Thick ham, beef stew, cornbread

Desserts: Pie, gingerbread cookies

Finally after all of this work I decided to relax and go to sleep...not! I am making Becky and Carrie garment bags; I started the first one today. It needs more work.

Just a bit of cutting and stitching... 

Warning: project in picture is more work than it appears

Unfortunately I was unable to start ironing because my iron broke! I need to stop after work tomorrow for a double air mattress too. I will bring it to sewing group and finish the week's ironing in one big push. Only 3 more days just like this until Greenfield Village. YAY!

Did you know that you could order these on Amazon? It came in today...


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  1. OMG my iron broke too! I was working on one of your linen bags and I need an iron for linen!! I like how you have gingersnaps for Drew. Hes coming! So make that two boxes!



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